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Friday, May 4, 2007
The princess turns 20!

Exams are over and i've finally found time to blog about my SPECIAL day~

Dar Dar surprised me at my doorstep at 12 midnight. We were initially chatting on the phone (dar dar's said it was his break time from work) when i heard a few loud knocks from the background. Asked dar dar whether he heard it and he was like "got meh?" Hence, convinced myself that maybe, i was just hearing things. But then i heard it again! Asked dar dar whether he heard it and this time, he went silent. Was wondering what was up his sleeve when i suddenly heard my bro's voice in the background, shouting, "Pam! Someone's at the door!" For a moment, i tot he was eavesdropping from the other phone bcoz y on earth is my bro's voice heard in the phone background?! That's when i knew that this person outside was none other than my darlie and the knocks i heard was acty the sound of dar dar knocking on my main door. hahahaha. And all this while, dar dar was just 8m away from me! To think that i tot he was really having a break at his work place.

Dar dar didnt come empty handed but came prepared with a bouquet of flowers and a box of neuhaus chocolates!

My fave ok. There was also a birthday card too. It wasnt exactly the nicest card in the whole wide world but the message inside, and the effort he took to design and write the words neatly meant alot to me. *Touched*

I knew it took alot of effort coz dar dar practised his writing/designs on a piece of A4 paper before writing my card. haha. How did i noe? Well, just take it that he forgot to throw away his piece of evidence. But i was kind. heehee. Chose not to tell dar dar as i didnt want his efforts to go to waste. I give dar dar a few surprises too and i noe how it feels when your surprises dont turn out the way you want them to be. Some worked out..some didnt.. damn the lighter from PS. =Pp

Spent some time chatting with dar dar b4 hitting the bed. Couldnt really get to ZZZ as i was anticipating the surprises for the day ahead. =D

Got up at around 10-ish and headed to town to meet my aunt and uncle for lunch. Dar dar said he saw me along the way but was thankful i didnt spot him else his surprise would no longer be a surprise (hint hint, he was carrying a box). I knew he was up to something as he refused to tell me where he was the whole morning. -_-!

I wanted to have italian food today and so, Da Paolo's Pizza Bar was where we headed to for lunch.

There main restaurant, Da Paolo, and their cakery, Da Paolo Gastronomia are also situated along the same stretch. Basically, that whole stretch is lined with restaurants. Italian, french, german, you name it they have it. Most of the restaurants here provide alfresco dining. They are located inside and away from the busy main holland road, hence, allowing you to feast/chill in a nice, peaceful, environment.

First up, we had garlic bread.

Then we ordered a salad. Its called, Insalata Con Funghi Uova E Parmegiano. Basically, it comes with a soft runny sunny side up, romaine lettuce, mushrooms, and crispy parmesan bits. The dressing was... err.. i cant remember but it went prefectly well with the salad. Love the parmesan bits!

Next, we ordered the PIZZA! I mean, come to a pizza bar must order pizza ritee.. haha. Pizza con rucola Prosciutto E Scaglie Di Parmegiano. Thats the pizza we had. Its comes with tomatoes, mozerella, arugula leaves, parma ham and shaved parmesan.

The parma ham is one expensive ham which you will never fail to find in most italian restaurants. It goes really well with those arugula leaves. These leaves are also a common sight in italian dishes too. The ultra thin and super crispy crust is the main feature of an all true authentic italian pizza.
As we werent exactly full, we then ordered another salad! Italian salads are very tasty and appetizing. Very different from the usual caesar or chef salads you find in most local eateries. This time. we had some salad (i forgot the name) which came with some leaves, garlic croutons, parma ham!, baby tomatoes, black truffles all tossed in melted cream CHEESE!

The cheese is goood! Its thick and doesnt give you the jelat after cheese effect. Oh how i love the baby tomatoes! They're uber sweeeet and juicyyy~ The other salad we had on our last visit (mango with some baby spinach etc) is very good too! Do try them if you happen to pass by.

It started to rain quite heavily. Were left stranded as we dint have an umbrella to shelter us to the car. Spent some time checking out the shops there, in particular, da paolo gastronomia. Their cakes are are pretty good too. Check out the variety~

Whilst walking up and down the stretch of eateries, uncle ken chanced upon someone's delicous looking salad on the table. Couldnt resist and hence, made our way into this restaurant to check it out for ourselves. This restaurant is none other than, Original Sin.

The lighting is acty much darker. Made it brighter as i dint wana use flash.

We ordered a salad (cant rmb the name again) which consist of fresh greens, avacadoes, sliced tomatoes and many more.

The dressing was light. Salads with thousand island dressing really puts me off. I always wonder why cant they be more creative. Okie.. i dont have much to say about salad but this one from original sin was pretty good too. I cant compare it with da paolo's as they all have their own taste and uniqueness. But Da Paolo still leaves a better impression on me. =) For drinks, we had a vanilla affagato.

This is seriously one damnnnnn good power affagato. Its one of the best that ive tried. It even beats Riciotti's! At original sin, the serve their affagato with one shot of espresso and one shot of frangelico liquer. In the middle is a cup containing a scoop of ice-cream. This is a DIY kinda thing. If you like it strong, then pour more liquer, if not, go easy on it. Interesting huh. The ice-cream which came along was superbly milky creamy. One word - shiokadoodalicious~

Sad to say, the service here was quite bad. Im very particular about service. The store manager was rude and he was chasing us with our food request. We noe he heard us but it was rude to walk off when we havent even finished our sentences. A smile is all it takes bro.

Rain stopped. Went to my aunt's place to wash up and watch some dvds. Dar dar dint allow me over at his place. Could only be there at 6.30pm onwards. Sneaky fellow.

Dar dar came down from his house to meet me at the MRT. Was abit stunned to see him dressed in shoes and hair geled bcoz i was expecting him to whip up a feast at his hse. But dar dar said his mom barred him from using her kitchen and hence, had no choice but to resort to plan B - Dine Out.

Wild Rocket was where we dined at. I love my dar dar so much! He knows how much i wana dine at wild rocket so badly and hence made a reservation specially for me! Now i noe why he refuses to go to Wild Rocket for the past few weeks. Simply bcoz he intends to dine here TODAY! Planning ahead ehh.. haha

The thing i wana try most here is their seafood crustacean oil pasta and dark chocolate fondant dessert! But since dar dar only eats seafood pasta, i thus gave in to him i ordered something else. Mine was linguinne with cod fish and baby tomatoes pan fried with herbs and olive oil - aglio olio style.

Dar Dar's pasta was pan fried (i think) with some crustacean oil and contained ingredients like prawns and squids.

It had a very very nice out-of-the-pan taste. Like hokkien mee having a wok hei taste. You noe you noe. My pasta was extremely goood too! The flavour is just so...ohmygawd...heavenly. It better taste good considering that it cost $20 bucks/pasta. But its really damn good la. XXX, i cant stop raving about it. haha

Next up was our dessert - dark chocolate fondant with bananas soaked in maple syrup.

A very decent way to end the meal. No doubt, its one of the better chocolate fondant cakes i've tried so far. In fact, i rave about wild rocket bcoz everything served here is warm. Food always taste good when its served warm and fresh. Even their complimentary bread was served warm!

It even comes with an oil-based dip which i found so-so only. This is for sure one of the best complimentary breads ive ever tasted in a restaurant. Its soft, fluffy and has a nice garlic and herbs flavour. 5 stars to wild rocket and kudos to the young lawyer turned chef's culinary skills!

Do note that wild rocket is situated at a highly unaccessible location. Its right at the top of Mt Emily. Very far away from the main road. If you need help in getting there, just ask my dar dar for help. hahaha.

Was craving for some finger food and where else do we go but Father Flanagen's at Chijmes? This irish pub whips up fantastic pub grubbs and main courses.

We shared a basket of calamari and my all time fave crispy breaded mushrooms!

I love their garlic dip. The dip which came with the calamari was pretty good too. It had a hint of wasabe in it. Wasabe, i like! Chili, i no like! haha. Just like how dar dar can eat chili but not wasabe and i eat wasabe but not chili. Aglio Olio is the only food i like it spicy. The more spicy, the more kick. Other than that, no chili for me.

Spent some time cam-whoring as usual. heehee.

Made our way back at 10pm. Apparently, there was another surprise awaiting me at dar dar's place. Its wasnt exactly a SURPRISE as dar dar openly told his mom, (right in front of me!) over the phone to off all the lights and take out the cake from the freezer. My guess was a durian mousse cake from GoodWood Park Hotel. Something which i bugged dar dar to buy for me. Guessed it was from GoodWood as dar dar went to orchard this morning. Was surprised he dint get the hazelnut praline chocolate cake from The Canele, given that he's a sucker for all things chocolate.

ooHLaLa...the cake looks very yummilicious~ See the heart shape dar dar created with the candles? How lovely.

Had a slice of durian mousse cake for supper. This is NOT cake, its DURIAN. Mind you, its real durian, not some durian flavoured cream. Goodwood deli also offers other durian desserts too. Its only for a limited period though. So hurry and try every one oftheir durian delicacies before its too late!

So cuteee! I think this pic is hilarious! haha =X

All good things have to come to an end. That marks the end of the princess' 20th b-day celebrations. I wished, i wish, this day would never end. Thanks dar dar for bringing so much joy into my life! Your company is oredi the best b-day pressie for me. Muackz~~~
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