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Friday, June 1, 2007
Office work is so BORING. Well, at least its better than working at NLB, where i was practically drowned in papers and files. At least here, i have my own personal lappy, my own desk, in my own room and im allowed to take my own sweeeet time to do each task and best of all, my supervisor even allows me to log onto MSN or use the net whenever im bored and have nth to do! Comeon', ur paying me money to surf the net? Sweet!

Alritey. Enough talk, shall get on with my main agenda, which is to update you guys on my past week's activities (21st-27th May).

21st May 2007, Monday

Another day for slacking as usual. Chionged 24, season 4, with dar dar after he got back from school. Before that, we had a pretty light lunch at North Bridge Road Market. Headed for home sweet home at 5pm. =)

Dad bought me a box of Apple Strudel from Ritz too. Yea! There's also a box of Renaldo's apple strudel too. So cool.

Couldnt resist helping myself to a slice

Aunt Ming got me this box of nature valley roasted almond granola bars. Ive nv come across this flavour before. Taste great.

Aunt keng also bought me this box of Triple Chocolate Crunch cereal from Marks & Spencers. Ive been wanting to get this for a very very long time but everytime it hits the shelves, it gets sold out almost instantaneously! Its definitely one of their hot selling products. Taste great too but not cheap wor. haha. Not advisable for consumption if ur watching ur calories. =P

22nd May 2007, Tuesday

BOO, im suffering from monday blues even though its not Monday. Perhaps i should call it Tuesday Yellows coz i always think that Tuesdays are a yellow day. Sundays too. haha. Y then am i suffering from this so called "Tuesday Yellows" disease? Coz to put it simply, tml's gonna be my first day at work! After mths of slacking, sleeping in and pigging out with no exercise at all, the word WORK doesnt seem to register comfortably with my mind.

But i choose not to worry about tml for sufficient is the Grace for today. I enjoyed dar dar's company very much today. He rode to my place in the morning and we chionged 24, of season 4, on my lappy. I prepared breakfast for him too! Nah, i dint cook. haha. Cut him one slice of Ritz Apple Strudel and made him a cup of iced milo. I even got ready newspapers for him to read okie. hahaha.

Bought lunch from the coffee shop downstairs b4 heading to my grandma's place to continue our chionging session. Dar dar went for his driving lesson at 4pm before coming back to my GM's hse again for dinner. My GM loves him coz he's of great help when it comes to ensuring that there are no food wastages from dinner. haha

23rd May 2007, Wednesday

First day at Work!

24th May 2007, Thursday

More work.

Bought 2 pairs of heels. Reserved one at TM's outlet as they dint have my size. They're really pretty. Even dar dar agrees. haha

25th May 2007, Friday

Still more work.

Dar dar changed his mind abt working tonight. Picked me up from work and we both rode to my GM's place for dinner. Continued with our chionging session till 10 at night. Went downstairs and bought ice-cream for everyone! haha

26th May 2007, Saturday

Driving at 12.45pm. Spent most the time learning how to park. Got quite bored after a while.
Bused down to TM to collect my lovely shoes! Bought a belt along the way as well.
Met up with dar dar at Mac as his frenz wanted to take pics of his new bike. Yes, i got to ride on his new BIG bike! The seats' higher and i feel on top of the world! =P
Dar dar rode back home. Took some time to cool down and shower. Then bused down to suntec.
We had dinner at Pepper Lunch. I had the same old stuff.

Beef pepper rice while dar dar had some steak tingy with rice.

Tot the beef pepper rice still tops the rest in terms of taste and flavour. I love corn! Maybe that's y im so corny. haha. Their salad here is quite nice too. They have a few strands of cold udon at the bottom. Im not a pepper lunch lover but i just cant say no to dining here, especially after having to resist temptations after temptations every sunday (have to walk past there twice to get to church). The smell is just so POWDERFUL! I can smell it from Auntie Anne's! Which is a few shops away. Lucky i dont work here else il get hungry every now and den. haha.

Dar dar wasnt full as usual. So we went to carrefour and bought sushi. Dar dar was craving for calamari and so i tot of going to Molly Malone (at Boat Quay) since Father Flanagen has closed down but we ended up making our way to Tom's instead. Its been almost 3 weeks since i last had a taste of Tom's ice-cream.

Our decision to visit Tom must have been a blessing in disguise as we got to purchase a small cup of durian flavoured ice-cream which is not for sale. They wouldnt even consider selling this flavour as the smell is just too over-powering. You must noe that Tom makes Home-Made Ice-cream, so the smell and body of the ice-cream will naturally be stronger, denser.

We bought a large cup of Chocolate and Oreo CheeseCake to share too.

Mamamia! The durian ice-cream is shiokadoodalicious! jgfjcbjshj! It taste just like my durian birthday cake from Goodwood Park Hotel! Just add some sponge cake and wha la!

This is what we look like after popping chunks and chunks of real durian into our mouths. Simply Orgasmic. LOL

Headed back to dar dar's place after that to finish up with season 4 of 24.

27th May 2007, Sunday

Dar dar and me headed to suntec again, for lunch. Dar wanted to have pepper lunch again as he was falling head over heels with the beef pepper rice but i was on a tight budget and so, i suggested going to the foodcourt instead. Could this possibly be true? hahaha. It just so happened that i was craving for ban mian and i wanted to save money for my mega shopping spreee! GSS!! hurhur

I had a mini pot with noodles while dar dar had some spicy seafood pasta which didnt taste spicy at all. It was more tomato-ish acty. Seriously i dont noe why dar dar acty bought pasta from a FOODCOURT. All they do is boil the pasta in hot water and pour gravy over it. You call that pasta? Instant pasta perhaps. The pasta tasted so horrigible dar dar acty started developing a phobia for pasta. I hope he overcomes his fear soon else i wouldnt be able to dine at aglio olio, wild rocket, menotti, or pasta manna anymore! BOO!

After lunch, we headed to Carl's Jr and shared a pack of criss-cut fries.

Bought a set of bikini from this new swimwear shop located at MyPlayground, the 3rd floor. Walked to Marina Square as i wanted to check out this white spag top which i have been eyeing from FOX but sadly, they were all sold out! BOO! Went to the foodcourt to have a drink and cam-whored. =)

After that, we bused down to Orchard. Went to wheelock first as dar dar wanted to read some bike magazines from Borders. Spent about an hour, sitting down, reading magazines, relac one corner. haha. Then we walked to far east to continue with my shopping spree! Couldnt really find anything i want but the shop i bought my dress from recently are selling all dresses for only 20 bucks now!

Bought some calamari from Chippy's to satisfy dar dar's calamari cravings. We opted for the spicy one. $4 for a pack of 15, pretty reasonable. It was quite tasty too!

The spice tasted just like the spice used to coat ur taiwan shilin XXL crispy chicken. Seriously, i dont understand y ppl love it so much. Its so darn salty la. haha. Got ourselves a seat at the nextdoor Ya Kun and bought 2 cups of iced teh-o-peng to go along with our calamari! Yum!

After that, we walked to taka. Window shopped here and there. mphosis is having a 50-70% discount. That's a really eye catching good deal ok. But i didnt step in for fear of being trampled by the ladies inside. It was a mad house! Bought 3 items from FOX too. One white linen spag top and 2 skirts! Tot of using the 40 dollar taka voucher which mom gave me but as FOX was under NgeeAnnCity, it thus could not be accepted.

Dad gave me 100 bucks this morning to buy shoes but ive yet to find nice ones. Im eyeing flats btw. If you see any nice pairs, do inform me ok? Thankie!

After all that shopping, its finally time for dinner! Dar dar and i bused down to ChinaTown Point for dinner at CoffeeBean. We shared a salmon caesar salad and a slice of chocolate thousand layer cake. We dint have to pay for it as dar dar's fren works there. haha. So nice ritee.

Hopefully all that shopping helped me burn some accumulated fats. hurhur.

And finally, its time to bus back home and rest my aching feet on my soft comfy bed.

I swear mom's gonna kill me if she's found out how much i've blown my budget by. Im gonna work and make sure i recoup my expenses for the past week and hopefully, still have leftovers for my future shopping spreee!
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