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Thursday, May 10, 2007
Mugging for the exams sux. Staying at home, knowing you have nothing to do and nowhere to go is even more torturing. I feel as if the walls are closing in on me. My brain feels like a ticking time bomb, about to explode any minute. Im so freaking bored la...... lalalala. Asked MK to go out for japanese dessert with me but he refused coz he's afraid dar dar will bash him up. BOO~ Tot of baking some chocolate cupcakes with frosting but it'l be a more enjoyable baking session if i got to bake it with my dar dar. I mean, he can help me wash up rite. hahaaha JK! Its bound to taste good as long as its baked with LOVE. Even if its CHAO-TAR. =Pp

7th May 2007, Monday

Met up with dar dar after his sch ended at 12pm. Lunched together. Was craving for hillstreet bak chor mee but sadly, they werent open for business today! Just when i wana eat bak chor mee. -_-!
Settled for beef kway teow from Golden Mile instead.

Ever since i had beef kway teow from geylang lor 9, i always have this impression that all beef kway teows come in big mega portions. Thankfully, the one at golden mile was just right. Satisfying but not enough to make me full. -bleahz-

Went back to dar dar's hse after that to chiong 24. Watched till 4.30pm before i made my way home.

8th May 2007, Tuesday

Similarly, i waited for dar dar under his block while waiting for him to get home from school. Lunched at golden mile again as i wanted to try their slice fish horfun!

The fish was quite fresh and tasty. Overall, both the beef and fish version dint have much difference in terms of taste. The only difference lies with the color of the gravy. In fact, i was expecting my slice fish horfun to be white in color with lesser gravy. Just like the one i had in geylang, which was a dry version served with lotsa of beansprouts, veggies and sliced fish. But no complains, it was still a fullfilling lunch. =D

Walked back to dar dar's hse after that to chiong 24 again. Cam-whored a while.... =Pp

Snacked on a bag of latte flavoured Loacker wafer biscuits. It was so addictive i couldnt stop at one. Dar dar napped while i continued munching on my yummy wafer munchies. Went out for early dinner as dar dar had to work at 8pm. Dar dar had chicken chop from Happy Chef while i had a bowl of meatball soup from the Bak Chor Mee stall. Dint order bak chor mee as i dint have a craving for it like yest and was pretty full from all that snacking.

No comments for the meat balls. They taste just like meat-balls.

After dinner, dar dar rode me to RoomForDessert at WaterLoo street as i wanted to make a cupcake order specially for my mom as a mothers' day gift. Intended to give my mom a surprise by having them deliver it to her office on friday. But sadly, the lady said they could only get it done by monday. So too bad, i really dont noe what to get for my mom now. Even tot of bringing her to wild rocket to enjoy a dinner treat on me but i have no money! BOO~

Dar dar had mcflurry from Mac after that. I watched him eat. Cam-whore, a while. hahahaha

9th May 2007, Wednesday

Didnt meet dar dar today as he had school till 5pm.

Had breakfast at Mcdonald's, which is a 10 mins walk from my house. Ordered the fish platter! Have been dying to try this for a very long time but dar dar didnt seem interested in eating it with me. Hence, ate it alone today. Brought my lappy, newspapers and an 8-days mag to read. What a good way to spend a great morning.

Brought my grandma to her fave hangout place for lunch. Went to Toa Payoh Lor 7 to have her fave fishball noodles and our fave old long house popiahs! Still as good as ever!

The fishball noodle queue always has the longest queue. I've tried it a few times, even grew up eating it when i was younger (used to live in toa payoh) but i seriously dont noe why everyone likes it so much. For me, i find it alright. Maybe im just not a fishball noodle person. haha. The auntie here is super stingy too.

Followed my grandma to buy chili from this lady at blk 27. She makes her own chili with her own machine outside the house. Lots of people order from her as well. She has a very cute little white dog which also shivers when it hears thunder! Just like my dear tobie. Well at least i noe now that tobie isnt the only dog who shivers upon hearing thunder.

The dog who shivers too...

Tobie refuses to look at the camera...

My beloved Grandma!

yeah! Cant wait for tmr. Gonna meet dar dar for school and then, we're going to chiong 24 at my grandma's hse and then, go play badminton! Sweet~

10th May 2007, Thursday

I went to school with dar dar today. The lesson was uber boring. I dont see any need for schools to teach such topics. Its like common sensical. Maybe its for those who dont have common sense. haha =X

Watched 24 of season 3 through out the lesson. In fact, no one seems to be listening to the lecturer. They are either playing uno, listening to MP3 or gossiping away. Watched 3 episodes of 24 before my ibook dieded.

Left class early and went for lunch with dar dar at marine parade. Had Pontian wanton noodles while dar dar had some chicken noodle tingy.

The noodles here are springy, smooth, and not too clumpy. It was served with black sauce and that's how i like my wanton mee to be. Dont like those that serve it with tomato ketchup. Gross~ Besides that, I also like the fact that the lady takes the effort and time to cook the noodles but sadly, the noodles had no taste!!! It cld be bcoz i dint ask for chili but it was served with some black sauce and yet, it still turned out tasteless! The fried wantons and other accompanying ingredients were pretty good. Especially the fried wantons! Defintiely better than parklane's version which i prefer to call Fried Flour instead of fried wantons. haha. Pity the noodles at Pontian. Else it would have been a great wanton mee.

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