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Monday, May 7, 2007
I've finally found the "comments" code for blogspot! To everyone reading my blog, do leave some comments ok? If you have any food recommendations, feel free to either tag me or simply, click on the comments button! Its that easy! =D

okay, back to blogging. Presenting to you a brief write-up for the week.

30th April 2007, Monday

Met up with dar dar for lunch. Had prawn mee from golden mile. It wasnt as nice as i remembered it to be. After eating prawn mee from Onan Road, all the other prawn mees just dont seem to make the mark. From what i observe, its taste seems to be directly related to its first appearance. If it doesnt look appetizing, most likely it wont taste as good either. hahaha. That's just my own crappy conjunction. I always believe, and im sure many of you too, that prawn mee is considered shiok prawn mee when its accompanied with a bowl of full-bodied power prawn soup. Word of advise, buy your prawn mee when the stall's about to close. That way, you get soup, which has just absorbed all of the prawn's flavour, from the uncle's pot. Shiok or not shiok?

Barely ate 3/4 of my prawn mee as i dint really like it. Barely ate up all the beansprouts and fish cakes and maybe a few strands of beehoon. The prawns i gave to dar dar as i dint feel like de-shelling them.

Walked back to dar dar's house after that. Studied for stats exam while dar dar studied for CS. Shared a packet of Cookies & Cream flavoured Hello Panda biscuits! You can only find them from Mustafa. Its nice! Had a mango pudding as well. Still not full. BOO~

1st May 2007, Tuesday

Today's Labour Day! Decided to give myself a day off from studying today.

Met up with dar dar at CityLink Mall ard 12.30pm. I was on time for the first time! haha. Went to donut factory to try my luck as well. I was thinking, since its only 12.20pm and the shop only opens in ten minutes (was also secretly hoping that everyone wld decide to sleep in on labour day and give up queueing for donuts), maybe i mite be able to lay my hands on my fave double chocolate donuts without having to queue at all. But boy was i terribly wrong! The shop had not yet opened (the shutters were still close la for goodness sake) and there was already a queue forming! It wasnt just a queue made up of 10 people but it was a super loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooog queue! Count the number of o's and that's about how many people there are waiting in line. BOO! When will they ever stop queueing and lemmi buy my donut? All i ask for is just 1 double chocolate donut and its more than enough to make my day. -_-!

Walked back to CityLink Mall to find dar dar. Had brunch at Suntec. For some reason, i just felt like having rosti with german sausages today. Rosti's are one of the few potato based food that i like. Love Marche's version of it. The one we had was from a small shop located amongst the other eateries at Suntec's TastyTreats. We chose chicken bratwurst for our sausage and requested for sour cream to be put seperately.

Its pretty good! But how wrong can you go with potatos ritee? I found it alittle too oily though but overall, it sure helped kick start my day. =D

After brunch, we headed to carrefour to do some shopping for tenting. Bought a 4 men tent which cost abt $24. Felt really tempted to get the mini BBQ pit as well. Cost only $9.90! Imagine being able to BBQ sausages, marshmellows, nuggets etc while watching DVD. Cool or not cool? But dar dar's bike doesnt have a booty so we had to forgo our dear BBQ pit. -bleahz-

Went to Tom's Palette after that for some sweet treats. The tau sa piah flavour wasnt on display/available for sale as it wasnt hard enough. But eunice was kind enuf to let us have it, seeing that i really wanted my tau sa piah badly. hahaha. Hence, me and dar dar bought a large cup of tau sa piah + hazelnut! Yummy~

Started to drizzle and so we were left stranded at shaw towers. Went to Starbucks to study for 3 hours. Had a US Bananarama muffin too!

Its quite good, but i still prefer those from Bake_of and Chocolat & Spice.

dar dar made this for me. So sweet~

After studying, dar dar and me walked to bugis. Had a sudden craving for fries. This rarely occurs, given that im not a fries person. Usually, i like my fries to be hollow. In otherwords, its just munching on oil. A version of deep-fried fries. haha.

After our fries session, we walked back to Tom's Palette and i bought a pint! 3 flavours - Black Sesame, Horlicks and Hazelnut. Brought it to my GM's hse to let everyone have a taste of what good ice-cream is really all about. Everyone agreed it was good. Even my grandma liked it. =D

2nd May 2007, Wednesday

Dar dar had exam today. His dad went to M'sia, hence, i helped look after the hse while waiting for dar dar to come back. Munched on a red bean pancake and an apple crisp granola bar. All these for lunch. =Pp
Watched 24 when dar dar got back. Ta-baoed crispy breaded mushrooms from Happy Chef.

Not too bad, it leaves behind a nice cheesy after taste. Their button mushrooms are uber huge! Like ping pong balls! In fact, the owners of Happy Chef used to own a western restaurant in Sydney before moving to Sg. And they were voted one of the top 10 places that serve yummy western food. But seriously, there isint anything much for me to wow about their food. My family once waited 2 hrs for their fish n chips which turned out to be so-so only. Sucha disappointment.

Snacked on a packet of Hello Panda biscuits again! This time, i opened the cheese flavoured one. Similarly, you can only find this from mustafa! haha. It taste so like cheese! It smells like cheese it looks like cheese! BUT... i dint like it. BOO~ The cookies and cream flavoured ones were much better.

Dar dar's mom ta-bao'ed fried rice from Mei Zhen. As usual, she dumped most of her rice on my bowl. Poor me had to finish a mountain of FRIED rice. But had no problems finishing it as it was tasty. Ummmmmm...

There was a black out at dar dar's hse too. haha

3rd May 2007, Thursday

Dar dar rode me to school today for stats exam.

Lunched at Amoy. Was drenched from the sudden heavy downpour. Both of us had slice fish soup from Han Kee to warm as up.

BTW, i mentioned previously that they stall was HUP kee? Its HAN kee, not HUP. haha. Apologies!
Dar dar had a cup of pineapple + orange fruit juice while i had an apple + cucumber + Kiwi juice. Nice!

We each bought a muffin from Bake_Of too! I had the apple flavoured one while dar dar had coffee walnut! Yum~

Bought 2 durian ondeh ondehs from Sg Kueh stall.

I dint eat any, dar dar finished them up. To think we were once crazy over ondeh ondeh's and even went to various places to find the BEST ondeh ondeh.And the best ones can be found in Amoy Food Centre and Maxwell! =D

Once the rain stopped, dar dar rode to cathay to get tix for Spiderman-3. Bought 2 tix for the 2.50pm show. Was stranded at Cathay as it was still raining. So cam-whored to entertain ourselves. hahaha.

ARGH! Whose finger is that? haha

The cheesy smileeee~ =D

Points at Fat Tummy~ heeheehee

OOO.. My twist is so perfect for his eyes...

And the person who sold us the tix for Spiderman-3 kinda screwed up the couple seating arrangement. BOO~

Had my live live must have cathay sweet popcorn!

OOo i love this to bits and pieces! They should have a free flow popcorn package for me to buy. =Pp

4th May 2007, Friday

Dar dar had FNA exam today.

Went to WhiteSands to get some chicken pies from Cottage Pies.

Bought 6 for dar dar and his family to share. My dear dar dar acty tot they were egg tarts! Do they even loook anything like egg tarts?! NVM, i forgave him, maybe he was seeing yellow that day. haha.

BTW, Whitesands is no longer white like it used to be, its now blue! Ugly blue!

After that, i train'ed down to Bugis. Bought a couple tee from the SuperMan shop. I like the studs! Its limited edition too! The lady issued me their store membership card as well. So if you guys wana get anything from there, just lemii noe, i can help u get a 10% discount.

Check out the changing room... haha

Mine spells SUPERGIRL and obviously, dar dar's one spells SUPERMAN. Also studded like mine! Nice! I think we'll really look damn cute wearing this together. haha.

And im so happy coz i finally found the metal pencil box which i have been looking high and low from! Its an old school kinda pencil box except that its made of plain shiny metal. Bought 1 for me, and one for dar dar. Walked the whole of bugis and even bugis street to find someone to do engraving for me. Wanted to engrave my name on dar dar's and dar dar's name on mine but the only store i found charged me $12 for engraving one name! ONE! Day light robbery la.

Bought a crispy peanut pancake, not PAMcake, from Jollibean too. I like! Look at how thin it is! Its super crispy too!

Cam-whored and flooded dar dar's HP with lots of my pictures. hahaha. Den it was time for dinner and off we were to East Coast Lagoon!

We shared prawn fritters and chili stingray.

The prawn fritters were pretty good. Crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. The inside was basically shrimp paste with i think chestnuts and some other stuff. It would have been better if they added whole shrimps inside for bite. The stingray was good! It was a FAT stignray with lots of meat. Just the way i like it. For our main course, i had wanton mee while dar dar had wanton kway teow.

The char siew is nicely charred and marinated but pity the noodles as they were a tad too dry and clumped up together.

Saw Estella queueing up for satay beehoon too.

Teh-o peng from East Coast Lagoon is very good too! One of the best ive tried so far.

After dinner, dar dar and me chilled out by the beach. Sat on the rocks, gazed at the stars and enjoyed the sea breeze.

The sea right at our feet. With the horizon far far beyond.

Check out the big egg yolk!

Arty farty shot? You tell me. haha

Den we went to see people wake-board. Interesting. I wana go knee-boarding! And canoeing too!

The princess enjoyed this night very much. Deep down from the bottom of her heart. Muackz!

5th May 2007, Saturday

dar dar came to my GM hse this morning. We stayed there from 12pm till 10pm, chionging 24 of season 3.

Lunched at Bedok Interchange Food Centre. Both of us had mutton soup! It was a really hot day but somehow, i juz had a craving for mutton soup!
I like the soup. Doesnt carry a strong mutton taste. The mutton meat is quite tender as well. The one from Geylang Serai is pretty good too. In fact, i was so busy getting the meat off the bone that i neglected my rice completely. haha.

Dar dar even bought 4 pieces of chee kueh! I dint eat any of it. Dont have any liking for chee keuh.
Wanted to buy some fried sweet potato balls (Its like fried ondeh ondeh) from Lee Kee. The stall which sells one of my fave goreng pisangs (another one is from Tamp mall but they've since closed down). Sadly, i dint manage to get any fried sweet potato balls as they were all sold out! The lady told me to come early the next day. BOO~

Went to Simpang Bedok Food Centre for some Cheng Tng after that.

I had a cold Cheng Tng while dar dar watched me eat. This is one stall that sells one of the best tasting cheng tng i've ever had. Other than my Grandma's home-cooked one of course.
Had initially wanted to get some ice-cream from the nearby Ice-Cream Gallery but as you noe, im on a tight budget, so cheng tng it shall be. Both have similar cooling effects, only difference is one is cheaper than the other. Ta-bao'ed one for my grandma too. Its her fave as well. =D

Grandma cooked dinner. Aunt keng bought a pint of Tom's Palette Ice-cream. 3 flavours - Tau sa piah, pineapple tart and tangerine. I love them all! The pineapple tart flavoured ice-cream even contains chunks of tart from the pineapple tart! I feel like its CNY all over again. Tangerine was good too. Not too sour, very refreshing~

6th May 2007, Sunday

Church was fun. Driving was more fun. Witness 4 vehicles smash into each other along the eunos link road. My instructor immediately whipped out his Sony Ericsson K800i to take a snapshot of it. And very funny, i forgot to release the handbrake when i was about to drive off. whahahaha. I even dreamt that i forgot to adjust the mirrors on my TP date and was secretly hoping the TP wouldnt give me an immediate failure. LOL. And some stupid driver almost banged into my car when his car suddenly reversed at the traffic junction. It was THIS close. He dint even realise it until i sounded the horn. Dangerous driver! I learnt parking today as well. Told dar dar that once i get my license, im gonna take my dad's car and practise parking every night until im able to park with just one hand on the steering wheel. muahahaha. Zai or not Zai?

Step Into The Zone! Praise & worship with Planet Shakers! Pastor Prince's gonna be the speaker for the event. Anybody interested? Tix selling at $5. Only for youths. =D
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