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Wednesday, May 16, 2007
I didnt sleep a wink last night. Just kept tossing and turning and tossing and turning throughout the night right through the next morning. Am terribly sleepy right now but i still cant seem to get to sleep. A splitting headache doesnt seem to improve the situation either. But it certainly didnt stop me from reading some books at the library.

Brought my lappy along as i had the intentions of chilling out at NLB's reference library. With the sun's rays streaming in from the long glass panals, overlooking the whole of bugis and beyond, a beautiful place it is indeed. Dar dar complained that school was boring and so, he left class early to find me at the library. Dar dar read his bike magazines while i read books with pretty front covers. To think that he acty said he wanted to STUDY at NLB. STUDY BIKES, more likely. haha.

The upside-down effect~

Brought my grandma to bedok for breakfast this morning as well. I had century egg lean meat porridge from the Joo Chiat Pork Porridge stall.

Its located at Blk 216, Bedok Central's market/hawker centre. The porridge was not too bad. They gave lots and lots of ba chor! I Like! The porridge was flavourful too. In my opinion, tastewise, its pretty similar to the chai chee pork porridge from Bedok Blk 85 or its branch at Tampines Street 11 market. So no complains as i like them all! Still, the porridge that stands out the most is none other than Zhen Zhen's from Maxwell - cheap and has a distinct flavour.

Followed my grandma to the wet market as well. Can you believe it? I actually wore my hula & co white flip flops into the wet market! My grandma wanted to show me the stall she usually gets her fishballs or yong tau foo from.

This stall also makes their own fish paste which you can buy back to make your own yong tau foo! Its good! They even have an award. Amazing. After that, i accompanied her to buy groceries from Aunty Lucy (NTUC), bought $2 worth of bedok chee kueh and off we were to the interchange.

Met my grandma's neighbour on the bus and he thought i was 14 years old! Do i look that young? haha. He dint believe it when my GM said im studying in Uni oredi. Funny! Yeah! God sure renews my youth like that of an Eagle's. =)

15th May 2007, Tuesday

My meet up with dar dar was cancelled as his bike broke down and had to be sent for servicing. But somehow, by God's grace, our meet up was made possible and scheduled as per normal. =)

Went to dar dar's hse to meet him. Took a bus down to Chinatown for lunch. We had Chiew Kee Chicken Noodles!

Dar dar had kway teow while i had their yellow springy noodles.

The chicken here is really really good! Its so good i had the urge to go over to CHEW kee to try their version of soya sauce chicken to see which tastes better. Chiew VS Chew. Did i mention that im so in love with their soya sauce too?

Both owners are related and word has it that Chiew's version taste much much better. But for some unknown reason, more people seem to be patronizing Chew's instead. Looks like Chew Kee Chicken Noodle is the makan guru's next food stop! =P

For dinner, dar dar and me had our usuals from Old Airport Road. Dar Dar requested for his pasta to be done extra extra extra (i dono how many extras) spicy. and he declared it to be the second most spicy pasta in the whole of Sg. First in position being Aglio Olio's pastas of course.

Dar dar, the person who doesnt stop at 1 comment for china people actually bought this drink today! China Apple?! Muahahaha. I couldnt help but laugh my ass off.

Check this out.

We were their (Toa Payoh Rojak) first customer of the day! hahaha. No la, we were acty the next batch of 100. As ive always said and im gonna say it again, this is one power rojak. One of the best, or shall i say number 2 (havent found the number 1 rojak in sg yet)? The rojak sauce acts like a drug, its so addictive dar dar nv fails to lick the plate dry. Imagine how much you can make a day just by selling tau pok and you tiao at night. I wana sell tau pok too! haha. Sell lots of tau poks, get mini coop? haha Just teasing. =Pp

Dar dar wants to EAT me

14th May 2007, Monday

Wasnt supposed to meet dar dar today as well as he had to settle some bike issues but we ended up being able to meet again as his dear friend Desmond helped resolved his problem. Call it a blessing in disguise. =)

Met dar dar at Jalan Besar Mac. Dar dar den rode to Bugis to have lunch. Lunch'ed at Bugis Village Mac. How wrong can burger and fries go? its fast food after all. I only had a lemonade while dar dar had a filet-o-fish meal.

After that, we walked around Bugis. I bought a crispy redbean PANcake from Jollibean. Thought the peanut one was much better. Dar dar went to "Xuete" while i shopped around. Saw a nice pair of white wedges/heels and also discovered a shop at level 2 which sells really cute dresses and skirts and nice nice bags! I love bags with a unique uncommon design. I like gold stuff as well. haha. I cant seem to stop shopping! ARGH. Its a never-ending process. I guess i can even set up a booth at a bazaar selling second hand items from my wardrobe. Its bursting with bags/shoes/clothes and what not.
Or maybe, even organize a "Clearance sale at Pam's House". I can oredi imagine girls scrambling for the cheapest deals, pulling each others' hair and tugging at each others' clothes. LOL

My lovely dogs - Tobie & Flap =)

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