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Wednesday, May 2, 2007
The Food Critic is BACK!!!! So its back to Food Blogging once again!

...Continued from where i last food blogged


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April 8th 2007
Dar Dar and me had some pretty good dim sum for lunch over at Crystal Jade, Suntec City. Seems like i haven feasted enough, from the day b4, during my b-day celebrations with dar dar. There's nothing much for me to WOW about Crystal Jade's food. All i can say is the standard is still there, service prompt and prices reasonable.

In ascending order. Century Egg lean Meat Congee, Pan-fried carrot cake, fried beancurd skin with minced meat, har gao and siew mai.

And did i mention that dar dar's dad bought taiwan cheesecake from Taiwan? haha. Brought home half a box. To me, i thought it tasted like fruitcake. A very different form of cheesecake indeed. Definitely prefered the Taiwan Honey Cake. It was so ultra smooooth in appearance! Silly dar dar taught it was cheesecake with a funny smell and hence dint dare to try.

On monday (9th April), me went to Coffee & Toast, CityLink Mall, to mug and at the same time, wait for dar dar to end school at 4pm. Had iniciatially wanted to mug at either sakae sushi or starbucks but as i didnt feel like splurging, i thus settled for cheap kaya toast and teh-o!

Its pretty goood. Almost as good as Ya Kun's Kaya Toast! They even have cranberry toast! Interesting~

We had an early dinner at Old Airport Road as dar dar had to work at 7pm. Had my usual sliced fish beehoon while dar2 had his chicken chop. Shared a must-have Toa Payoh Rojak too. Its not good, VERY GOOD!

Dar dar received last minute news that he wasnt scheduled for work that day. Hence, made our way to Shaw Towers for some Tom's Palette ice-cream! Shared a large Chocolate + Blueberry Cheesecake large cup.

The owner also made miso soup for us. haha. Tried some chili chocolates which he got from overseas too. It had a spicy tangy after-taste which i taught tasted weird. Chili and chocolate? No no no. Wasabe and chocolate? Maybe...

Had lunch with dar dar, desmond and his MDIS mates at ABC Food centre the next day. Tried Fatty Cheong's char siew rice. Its not too bad. Cant say much cause i seldom eat char siew rice.

13th April 2007
Dar dar left me home alone! Dar dar had school from morning till 4pm while my class only starts at 3pm and ends one hr later. If attendence wasnt an issue, i would have just skipped it. Travelling there already takes more than an hour. -_-! Had an early dinner at Old Airport Road again.

This time, we had pasta from our favourite stall, Pasta Manna! Dear had a seafood marinara while i had a seafood aglio. Shared a bowl of their delicious mushroom soup too! The pasta is really worth raving about. It has body and they are very generous with their ingredients too. Its 100 times better than Pasta Mania and for only $4, i will definitely give Pasta Mania a run for its money. And for dessert, we had our must-have Toa Payoh rojak! Oh my, their rojak is really oh so good. It lies with the sauce. Dar Dar always licks the plate dry. haha. Ended our big feast with soursop juice and ice-kachang.

14th April 2007
Dar dar and me went to Tiong Bahru Market for lunch. Its been quite some time since we last went there.

Dar Dar had his usual Lor Mee while i had century egg lean meat porridge. The lady also sold me their last shrimp chee cheong fun for only $0.50!! Its pretty good. Ta-baoed some Tiong Bahru pao for dar dar's mom b4 heading out for some sweet treats. heehee

And today's dessert is from.........*drum rolls*.......... The Chocolate Factory!

This is one italian owned cafe situated at Robertson Walk. Its a dream come true if i ever get to live in one of their apartments there. The much talked about chocolate tart is what we're both here for today. Its basically made up of a biscuit base, a hazelnut milk praline in the second layer and a layer of rich dark chocolate at the top.

Its simply heavenly! The 3 layers infuse so well together! The biscuit base doesnt even crumble into tiny mashed up pieces when u insert your fork into it. For only $6.50, this dessert is definitely a live live must try. Other recommended stuff would be their black forest cake and chocolate souffle. Sinfully irresistable.

Mom expected me to be back for dinner as she whipped up a big feast today. She cooked honey oat coated chicken, black pepper chicken fillet, baked cheese pasta, garlic herb potatoes with capsicum and some rice with a unique buttery nasi lemak flavour to it. I was surprise to see all those dishes on the table as it was so unlike her to cook such things.

This is called the Fan-Effect. haha

17th April 2007

Dined at PS Pasta Mania with Dar Dar and Desmond after Free Cone Day at BNJ. Was starved as i only had a hammie and egg sandwich, which dar dar specially bought for me, for lunch. For dinner, i had a seafood aglio (which i tot sucked) while dar dar had his usual seafood marinara (Very boring ritee.. everytime eat the same ting haha). Garlic bread didnt make the mark either. Was still a little bit hungry so went to Mr Bean's cafe and ordered a tuna salad.

18th April 2007
Killiney Breakfast. Kaya toast (which is half the portion of ya kun's) cost $1.40 while a small cup of hot milo, which was overly sweet and saturated cost a hefty $1.10!! Damn freaking expensive if you ask me. Standard has certainly dropped ALOT ever since my last visit here ages ago.

Accompanied dar dar for CS. Lunch'ed at Margaret drive. If ur watching ur calories, then you better think twice about dining here as this place is well known for its FRIED char kway teow, claypot CHICKEN RICE, and CHICKEN RICE. All super-fatty food. Dint have much of an appetite that day, so i settled for 2 Queenstown Popiah. A few bloggers raved about it but to me, it wasnt even fantastic. The popiah skin was hard and the flavour seems to come not from their juicy turnip but rather from their sweet sauce. Very Sad! Old Long House popiah certainly beats it handsdown.

19th April 2007
Trained down to Amoy after mugging at NLB to meet dar dar for lunch. Dar Dar injured himself. I shall not disclose it as it was a really stupid dumb way to injure yourself. muahahahah. While waiting for dar dar to come, i bought a cup of pear + banana juice from the fruit juice stall. Its said to help regulate sugar content. No matter how many fruits you wana combine to make your most desired drink, she charges $1.50 for them all! You can tell that she uses real fruit/pulp and isnt stingy with them either as the juice comes out really thick. That's how i like my fruit juice. I feel so cheated when i drink diluted ones. The banana sort of overpowered the pear and i felt really full after slurping down the whole cup. Hence, had only a blueberry muffin from Bake-Free! This stall sells very sellable butter-free muffins for $1 each. So far, ive tried their coffee walnut, double chocolate, cheese, and banana walnut muffins and they're all very good! The crispy outer crust is the nicest part of the whole muffin. Best eaten when warm. The blueberry muffin i had today is really different from the usual ones you see in most places. In most places, their blueberry muffins are made simply by adding tiny blueberries inside but this one has got warm thick liquid blueberry oozing out of it! Yummy!~

Mugged while dar dar napped. Had a packet of cheese pretzels too.

Headed to Old Airport Road once again for dinner. This time, we shared a plate of Nam Sing Fried Hokkien Mee as well as a Carbonara from Pasta Manna!

No complains for the hokkien mee. Just that i would have preferred it if it were drier. I like my hokkien mee to be fried with the thin beehoon (Nam Sing's version) and it musnt be too wet nor too dry. It must have the wok hei taste and it must make me go "ummm.. this is one good hokkien mee". Fried hokkien mee is super fatty, so never waste your calories on yukky food! So far, the best hokkien mee i've tried is the one from Lor 29 Geylang itself. My grandma loves it too. =)

The carbonara was good too. And i cant stop saying that it cost only $4! Truely value for money~ But like all carbonara's, the cream sauce always tend to make me feel je lat after a while. Best shared with another makan kaki. haha.
And to end it all, we shared a plate of msut-have toa payoh rojak once again!

Do you feel like going to Old Airport Road now? hahahaha

21st April 2007
And as promised, here are some of the food snapshots from Father Flanagen's Irish Pub, Chijmes.

We shared a Morning, Noon, and Night fry breakfast set which comes with german sausages, super crispy hashbrown, strips of bacon, a nicely done sunny-side up, baked beans, yummy fries and some toast.

Shared another breakfast set (forgot the name) which comes served with cabbage, honey baked ham, a sunny side-up and mashed potato drenched in a unique sauce flavoured with a hint of guinesse stout.

You can even taste it! Its really something different. Thirdly, we shared The Burger.

Its a vermonster! This is not too bad as well. I think the bread is really nicely done. My dar dar loves their fries such that he ate every single one of it. haha. Lastly, we ordered some calamari.

Had wanted to order breaded mushrooms but they were out of it. The chicken fliers were given to us by mistake. Couldnt resist taking a quick snapshot of it. haha.

Basically, everything here at Father Flanagen's is fantastic. They taste just as good, or even better than how the pictures look. Its a real pity they had to close down. If i had the $, i would gladly wana buy over this place.

At NLB, studied the whole morning at mom's office on the 14th floor before mtg dar dar for lunch at chijmes.. heehee

WEnt to Starbucks Raffles city to mug after that. Shared a small cup of their new banana chocolate chip flavoured mocha. Quite nice. =)

22nd April 2007
Sunday. Church day! Had tea-break with dar dar at Delifrance, Suntec City Mall. Ordered a peach tart and chocolate fondant cake to share. Check out the chocolate explosion!

More cam-whoring as usual.=Pp


Tired of mugging? Cam-whoring sure helps to de-stress. haha. I look terrible la. The fats, the hair, the pimples, the eyebacks, the dark circles! Argh! Hate exam periods.

24th April 2007
After MS exam, me and dar dar went to Shaw Towers for our usual dose of sweet treats.

Shared a black sesame + Chocolate large cup. Dono y but i have been craving for black sesame for the past few days. After that satisfying dessert, we bused down to Eric's place to collect the egg tarts he bought specially from HK.

Yummy Yummy. I couldnt resist eating one, that's why you only see 3 in the picture. The 4th one is in my stomach. hurhur. When im in Sg and have a sudden craving for egg tarts, i usually buy them from 8 Tarts and Pastries. The flaky crust is superb! I loveee egg tarts with flaky crust! Yum Yum! Sadly, CJ's egg tarts have dropped tremendously in standard.

After munching on one egg tart, accompanied dar dar to have dinner. Had wanted to eat western from the nearby coffeeshop but i suddenly recalled that there was this cafe, which serves yummy brownies and other main courses/starters at affordable prices just down the street. That made dar dar stop in his tracks immediately n had him thinking twice about whether he wanted to have his chicken chop from the nearby kopitiam. haha. Of course, my dear baby always fails to resist temptations and so, we were off to this eatery called Mind Cafe.

Dar dar had their set meal. It comes with a soup of the day, which happened to be some mushroom soup, any coffee of your choice, a main course and the ultimate savoury Mind Brownie!!!

Recommended dar dar to try their crispy chicken platter for his main course. Its super crispy! Just like KFC's crispy chicken! I've kinda banned KFC ever since patrick told me about the rat incident. haha. dar dar chose iced mocha for his drink. Think i've had better iced mocha's elsewhere. Theirs' tasted simply of strong acidic low quality coffee. When the smell makes me nauseus, usually my guess is that its very acidic. Dont like. Looks like my visits to Mind Cafe are more for their food rather than games. hahaha.

Ooo.. i gave dar dar a surprise today as well. Woke up early to buy dar dar's fave BK breakfast. had to sacrifice my precious ZZZ and braved the morning drizzle just to get to dar dar's hse. Dar dar slept like a pig. He dint even realise it when i entered his room. So gave him a peck to wake him up and guess he was really stunned to see me. He had that "Am i dreaming" look written all over his face. haha. Cute!

25th April 2007
No exams today. Lunched with dar dar at Tanjong Pagar Food Centre b4 going to MDIS to mug for FNA. Had our usual lor mee and auntie anne's peanut ice-kachang.

From the picture, you must be wondering "Where did all the peanuts go?" No, we dint eat it up, neither did auntie anne forget to sprinkle peanuts, its just a that dar dar specially requested for the peanuts to be added inside, at the bottom. Fussy eater huh. hahaha. And today, we've discovered Singapore's number 1 most forgetful guy and he's none other than the assistant who helps out in the lor mee stall! Dar Dar told him once, upon order, NOT to add vinegar but due to poor memory, this assistant kept asking (think more than 3 times) whether we wanted vinegar or not. When it was our turn to collect the lormee, he asked dar dar one last time:

Assistant: Yao bu yao chu (want vinegar anot?)
Dar dar: Bu yao, liang ge dou bu yao. (Don wan, both bowls oso dont want)
Assistant: nods head, acknowledging the request.
Assistant: Pours vinegar into the lor mee (despite telling him not too just 10 seconds ago and despite him asking as 123456789 times whether we wanted vinegar or not)
Dar dar: Nooooooo!!!! (With hand action signalling him to stop)
But too late!
Assistant: Shakes head. (Wondering why he has such a short term memory)
Lady Boss: Ta dou jiang bu yao chu ni hai fang (He oredi said dont wan vinegar u still put!)

hahahahah.. doesnt he deserve to be crowned Singapore's Number 1 Most Forgetful guy?

Had dim sum from Victor's Kitchen today. I seriously couldnt decide what to have for dinner. So settled for Victor's dimsum as it was just a 5min walk away.We shared Victors' King Prawn aka Har Gao ( it dint look anything like a KING prawn), siew mai, milk custard pao, steamed scallops + sausage radish cake and some pork tingy.

Forogt to take pics of the pork tingy and steamed radish cake... LOL

The 2 items that stood out were the custard bao and steamed radish cake. These are also 2 items which i seldom come across in dimsum restaurants. Bill amounted to 13.50 bucks, which i thought was quite expensive considering the amount of ala-carte dim sum we ordered.

Dinner was light, hence, we made our way to Minds' Cafe for dessert!

Dar dar had his all time fave brownie while i decided to try something different today and that's their apple crumble!
Was expecting sth round like a pie type of apple crumble but their version was a rectangular slab . Just like the brownie! Its was served warm and hot cold with the ice-cream sure makes an appetizing apple crumble dessert. =)

27th April 2007
3 papers down and 2 more to go. After Nat. Buliding today, dar dar picked me up from school and rode to amoy for lunch. It was only 11am and so dar dar managed to have his nasi lemak without having to queue. I had my sliced fish bee hoon from Hup Kee.

Its one of the best sliced fish bee hoon ive ever tasted! The fish is super fresh and it doesnt come with skin! The soup is clear and isnt saturated with MSG. For fried fish beehoon, the best one is from Old Airport Road, served with shredded chewy cuttlefish. Yum Yum.

28th April 2007
And here comes SATURDAY! (See how fast i jump to the 28th of April) haha. Are you guys still on track or have you guys dieded from hunger? hahaha. =Pp

Dad drove me to school for econs exam today, after which, dar dar came to pick me up. Rode to Jurong to pass something to dear's friend. Got lost along the way. haha. Den dear rode to town for lunch. Ate at Paragon's Ding Tai Fung. We shared 10 pcs of xiao long bao, steamed black sesame baos and a plate of fried rice with egg.

The juice inside the xiaolongbao simply explodes when you bite into it. People sitting opposite, beware! The fried rice was equally good too. Would have been better if it was a little bit less mushy. And the star of the day, black sesame baos!!! I love them!! The black sesame inside taste just like the black sesame in glutinous rice balls! Its so satisfying! Oh my gawd. Shiokadoodilicious~

Dinner was at Crab Shack. Intended to dine at Aglio Olio but they were closed! Crab Shack is located at Bestway Building, along Prince Edward Road. They open from 5pm onwards and their first outlet is located at Thomson. Located in a secluded area with a nice romantic alfresco dining environment, its indeed a very nice chill out place. They place is pretty huge and they also screen live soccer matches on a big screen. On certain days, they have livebands too.

Dar Dar and me the hungry vermonsters ordered a basket of calamari, crab croquette (some deep fried crab ball with a creamy inside filling), the must-try crab baked rice and fish n chips!

The offer a variety of finger food and they're all very cheap! Ranging between $2.50 to $8.90 (oysters). The fish and chips were pretty good but abit on the salty side. The outer layer was extremely crispy and gives off a cracking sound upon chewing. The fish was quite fresh and sweet. Check out the picture, dont you think that's one big fish?

And the star of the night is none other than their crab baked rice! Requested for extra cheese as well.

They add a generous amount of flower crab inside, which gives the rice a natural sweetness. Fantastic. They specialize in flower crabs that cost abt $2-$3 bucks or more depending on how many you want. Desserts like banana fritters and brownies and pastas are available too. Total bill amounted to $20.45 but were only charged $20 bcoz of some reasons. But still, where can you get crab baked rice, fish and chips, and 2 sides for only $20.45? Definitely value for money. Will be back for more soon.=D

Headed to Riciotti, The Italian Restaurant, at China Square Central, for desserts after that.

They have a cute italian waiter working there. hahahaha. Looks like ladies get an extra bonus, dessert plus eye candy. Yum~ hahahaha

After desserts, we headed to Mind Cafe to meet up with Eric and friends. Played board games for 2 hours. The strategic games kinda put me to ZZZ. Just dint have the mood to use my brain cells. Guess they're too tired from all the exams. Aiya, i just dont like strategic games. I rather sit there and have a bitching session. haha. At least it keeps me awake. =Pp

Wanted to catch a movie but ended up not watching any. Orchard didnt seem like Orchard at all on a sat night. There was barely a single soul on the streets. PS was closed as well, which i found strange coz i tot GV there offered late night movies. Cabbed home at around 2am. Was feeling abit moody/emo as well. But no doubt, a fun filled day jam-packed with lotsa activities.

A few random shots of dear flappy.

Tobie in pampers. He's one choosy dog. Will only drink water from his doggie bowl only when its fresh. Otherwise, he goes to the toilet and drinks from the big big pail. haha. Caught in the act!!

Tobie's just wake up look.

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