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Saturday, May 12, 2007
...continued from thursday

My butt is aching after playing hardcore badminton with dar dar. He kept smacking cocks into my face. BOO~ Perspired like a pig during our 1 hour's game of badminton.

B4 that, we were chilling at my grandma's house, watching 24 as usual. Finally, we finished the whole of season 3! Up next is season 4 and 5, which is still with my uncle, and will only get it next saturday when i meet him for buffet lunch at some secretive place. Munched on a pack of peanuts at my GM's place. I almost finished up the whole bag. Thank God i had a game of badminton to help burn calories. Peanuts, snacking, binging, carbo craves, NOT GOOD!

Dar dar and myself had dinner at my GM's place. She cooked my dar dar's fave - curry chicken! Ummm~

11th May 2007, Friday

Met dar dar at his place at 12 noon. Bought dar dar his fave durian roll from Angie's. I had my fave egg tart from 8 Tarts & Pastry, a shop located at the basement of Tampines Mall. It was so good i went back for a second one.

Lunch'ed with dar dar at toa payoh Lor 7. I had beef noodles while dar dar had his borring $2 economical rice. haha.

A close up...

The beef noodles here are pretty tasty. The gravy is thick and has a sourish taste, just the way i like it. By right, for $3, you get a bowl of beef noodles with tender beef slices only but mine was accompanied with 3 beef balls and a generous amount of beef slices as the auntie offered to mix and match them for me. How nice~

And as usual, we had our must-have popiah from Old Long House. I love the crispy fish. Brings out the entire taste of the popiah and being able to munch on something sure helps to spice up the entire popiah experience! Muahahaha

After lunch, i helped dar dar wax his bike. The bottle says brazalian wax. I immediately thought of brazilian waxing! (You noe, the process of plucking out ur hair accompanied with excruciating pain!) So i presume that the idea of waxing originated from Brazil? haha.

Took a bus to shaw towers as i was craving for some Tom's Palette ice-cream. Dar dar and me shared a large cup of Choc+Tau sa piah flavoured ice-cream.

Yummilicious~ I wonder what's their next flavour of the month.

Walked around bugis for a while before taking a bus down to chinatown. The planner, which is me as usual, haha, planned to have dinner at Lee Tong Kee.

Its a chinese restaurant that specializes in Ipor hor fun and offers many other side dishes like steamed chicken, veggies, fried wantons, desserts and many many more. They offer a wide variety of ipoh hor fun as well.

For me, i had their highly recommended beef hor fun while dar dar had a KL Ipor hor fun with chicken, prawns, beansprouts all served in some special sauce.

This is also a chef recommendation but i personally preferred the beef hor fun. Somehow, something was lacking in this KL Ipor horfun. Find the missing ingredient and it would have been something i would rave about now. But its not all that bad, its still delicious except that there isnt enough of that Oomph factor.

My beef hor fun was the star of the night. The gravy used here is not as thick as those commonly found in hawker centres or kopitiams. I like it so much because it leaves behind a very special after-taste! Its like they added chicken broth or something. Nice! I'm also full of praises for the hor fun. Its one of the smoothest, silkiest, softest horfun i've ever eaten. It simply slides down your throat! Very Good! The beef isnt your usual beef slices but rather they came in chunks. They were super tender and the taste is simply mind-blowing. Yum Yum. I love it. =)

Best of all, there isnt any service charge at all!

After dinner, i bought an egg tart from a confectionary that sells HK pastries and buns like bo lo baos! When i saw the tray of egg tarts on display, despite how full i might be, i knew it was a must-try as the CRUST was FLAKEY!!! I love flakey crusted egg tarts!! Love the buttery after taste.

The egg tarts here are pretty good. On par with my fave egg tarts from TM. Except this one is bigger and cheaper. They even serve it warm. Kinda brings back memories of my egg tart fiesta in HK. aha.

BTW, this stall was just discovered by us just yesterday. Its located a few shops away from Lee Tong Kee. Certainly worth a try. =)

3 egg tarts and beef noodles for lunch and dinner today. gawd, i feel so beefy and tarty right now. haha

After all that, dar dar and me walked to Chinatown complex for a drink at Mac. Then we walked down to Central. More shops have opened ever since our last visit here 2 months ago. I personally think that Central is more vibrant than Vivo City. Central is quite a maze though. The dining options here are also much better as well. I mean, they have so many Japanese restaurants like Marutama Ramen! OmG, shiok ramen. haha. Ma Maison is opening too! And they also have Gobi desserts! Sweet~ Saw a few things which we wanted to buy but didnt buy in the end. haha. You can also chill out with your friends, or love one along the ClarkeQuay River. Somehow, this chillout area reminds me of Avenue of Stars in HK.

Took lotsa funny silly pics with dar dar at the bridge. Shots not very clear coz my lousy sony cybershot cant take good pics at night. It gets laggy when i take night shots as well. BOO~

Dar dar also discovered a new dining place. They actually have oyster nights every wednesday! What's so special you ask me. Well, on this night, fresh oysters are going at a dollar each. Good for dar dar, but not good for me coz i don like oysters. Eew.

Cabbed home from dar dar's place at around 9pm. Waited damn long for a cab and when a green top finally approached, this stupid guy acty popped out of no-where and flagged for my cab! How dare he right. Of coz, knowing me, i couldnt be bothered with him and boarded the cab. He even had the guts to walk towards the cab! What an ASSHOLE. If he boarded it, i will also board it and make sure he gets out.

12th May 2007, Saturday

Didnt meet dar dar today.

Cancelled my driving lesson as i had a lunch session with my grandma and aunt but sadly, was postponed to dinner time.

Went to town and shopped around to kill time. Bought a few stuff from far east plaza and heerens. Im officially broke again.

Shopping sure helps you to burn fat. It not only makes you perspire, it also causes you to lose your appetite for food. Clothes, accesories, shoes, bags have somehow become ur priority. And keeping in shape to look good in them is what's impt. To me. haha.

I had 2 sesame mochi's and 1 mini kaya donut from a Japanese Bakery at Shaw House. Its called Sun Moulin. I love their mochi's here. They have other flavours like cheese and original. All are good! FYI: The mochi here is made of flour, not your mochi ice-cream or those mochi desserts with rubbery skins. They also sell other mini pastries like chocolate donuts, cream donuts, croissonts and many many more! You are given the freedom to mix and match as well. 3 for $1.50. Four leaves also adopts a similar concept, except i prefer Sun Moulin's. Taste fresher and has more variety. =D

Okie.. time for dinner! My stomach's growling real bad. Mom cooked a Mother's day feast today. Dory fish, crusted with cereal bits! My fave! There's also bbq honey chicken wings and pineapple rice too. Dar dar's mom invited me out for their family dinner as well but sadly, i cant go as mom wanted me back for dinner.

Flappy cut his hair today. He refused to sit still. Dint take any pics of tobie. He was nowhere to be found. Guess he's griefing over his haircut. Everytime he cuts his hair, il change his name to gollum cause i think he looks like one. Grey and bony. hahahah. Im so evillll. =Pp

My neighbour's dog. Guarding the house. haha.

Im falling in love with the new black sony T20. Sucha sleek chic.
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