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Sunday, May 27, 2007
20th May 2007, Sunday

My long over-dued entry.


haha not me but rather...

A day out with dar dar at VivoCity! =)

Dar dar came to suntec to meet me after church at 4.30pm. Dar dar felt like having Rosti with sausages, so off we were to Marche, at VivoCity. Vroommmmm~

I like to give my men the power to make decisions. Its manly, sexy, and turns me on. It disgust me when men let their women control and make all the decisions for them, all simply because they're hiding behind the label called LOVE.

Ok back to our day's events. haha.

Walked around VivoCity for a while and for some unknown strange reason, our legs brought us to the third floor, where Food Republic is located. Oh the smell of piping steaming hot DIMSUM from Bao-Today. How can we, or maybe i, ever resist it? I wasnt hungry, dar dar was maybe only 40% hungry, but wtheck, hargao and siew mai here we comeeee!

From clockwise - Har Gao, Siew Mai, Pan-fried carrot cake and Sesame paos. They're all pretty good. The prawns in the har gaos are quite huge and the skin isnt too thick and starchy. The sesame buns are yummilicious! I seem to be falling crazily in love with sesame paos. haha. Bao-today's version is also different from Din Tai Fung's version. In a sense where their pao (the bread) is acty made of real sesame and not ur usual white paos! But pity i couldnt detect any sesame taste in the bao. Fluffy and soft are 2 qualities which made it slightlly better than DTF's.

Sad to say, i dint get to try the carrot cake or siew mais. In fact, i only had one har gao and 1 sesame bao. Dar dar gobbled up everything whilst i was queueing for soya bean. -_-!

After dimsum-ing, dar dar and i went to Pet Safari and i practically went googoogaga over those cute little puppies. Yea yea, cute in a cage but monsters at home. haha. We visited a Japanese goods store as well. Grabbed a packet of fried takopachi chips, caramel almond corn chips, 2 cans of drinks and a coin box. Basically, everything here cost $2. They sell everything ranging from household items, to stationary, to snacks and even pet food!

Check out our coinbox! Im making it a point to save a dollar, or more, a day for our future holiday to either Australia or the States. Krispy kremes krispy kremes krispy kremes! There was another coinbox shaped like an ice-cream cone with pink ice-cream which i so wanted to get but dar dar refused. haha nvm. I think it'l look really gay if i left it in his room. =Pp

Chilled and "pao(4)" our legs in the water on vivo's rooftop. Took some crazy pictures as well. =)

7pm, headed to Marche for dinner. We had to wait a while before the waitress urshered us to our seats, which was situated in a cosy corner by the window. Btw, the seat cushion was made of fur, with cow, moo moo, imprints! haha.

First up, we had rosti with sour cream.

That's what we were here for right? haha. It wasnt as fantastic as i would have expected it to be. In fact, the one from Suntec, TastyTreats, left a deeper impression on me.

For our second round, we had calamari!

I think this is better than the rosti. Its also one of the better tasting calamari's i've ever eaten. With the top 2 being Aglio olio's and Father Flanagens'. The batter used to coat the calamari's was simply delicious. I wonder what recipe they used. The outer layer was crispy and fell off the sotong easily with each bite. Ummmm. The dip, which dar dar hates most, contained a hint of wasabi. I like!

I will definitely be back here again for the calamari's but only when ive stabalized myself finanacially as the items at marche are freaking pricey. I kinda like the ambience though. With its country cottagey setting, with people, holding plates of swiss food, roaming about here and there, its just like a busy market place in Europe. Interesting. When i got outside, i couldnt quite get used to the sudden change in quietness. Took a snap shot of the restaurant from outside and this is how chaotic the inside looks. Chaotic marketplace on the inside, tranquil quietness on the outside. Hmmm.

Took a pic of the EXIT signboard as well. Thought those sexy lips look kinda cute. haha. BTW, i almost dropped my cybershot whilst trying to take this. I swear my heart nearly skipped a beat.

Another pinky kiss for baby!

Tenting with dar dar at ECP the night before. It was loads of fun. Check out all the snacks i brought along! haha. We shared a Double cheese burger from Mac as well. Loveee the beef patty. Yum~

Before & After pics of our tent! =)

The night view...

The view from our tent. Breath taking isnt it? Dont u think i make a great photographer? haha. Maybe ive some hidden talent in photography which ive yet to discover. =Pp

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