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Wednesday, May 23, 2007
17th May 2007, Thursday

HH was supposed to give me a lunch treat today. But I ended up canceling it as it was oredi 2pm, I was dead hungry and I still haven’t heard from him. Guess he must be stuck at sea (The Navy).

Raymond asked me out to view cars with him at 3.30pm. He believes im his most trusted person and so, would like me to give him my honest opinion regarding the choice of cars etc. Can u believe that he acty wanted to share a car with me? Me? Someone who has busted her bank account twice in just 1-2 weeks? I would love to buy a car so I can drive on weekdays (can drive myself and dar dar to school etc) but Raymond says he needs it for weekdays so I really see no point in sharing a car with him. Furthermore, I get my dad’s car on weekends. So, no deal! =P

Asked dar dar out as I was craving for some desserts from The Big O café but dar dar said he wanted to ZZZ. -_-! So I ended up window shopping all by myself. Window shopped for shoes today. Jotted down a few pairs which I intend to buy, soon. =D Think im having a shoe fetish right now. Saw a really nice pair of heels from Pretty Fit which cost a hefty 60 bucks! Since when did Pretty Fit sell such expensive shoes? Freaky~

Had lotsa time to spare as I would only be meeting my aunt at 6pm for Bible Study. Hence, I decided to head to TCC, at Millenia Walk, to rest my aching feet. Ordered a smoked salmon and pistachio nut salad as well as a peach tea. This peach tea is infused with apple, peach, elderberry, hibiscus and sunflower blossoms! Its pinkish too! I had to take a pic of this as Ive nv seen pink tea before!

It sure taste and smells as sweet as it looks~ The salad was great. Lemon slices were given to help zest up the dressing.

Light and refreshing, indeed it was. The smoked salmon was fantastic. Im not a salmon lover, in fact, I don’t even noe how to eat raw salmon but this smoked salmon was sure some kicked ass salmon. It left behind a very sweet after-taste! I love it so much becoz it was nice to chew on. Umami~

Requested for a sofa couch seat as well. The waiter then led me to this 6-7 seater table surrounded with white comfy sofa chairs and couches!

It was simply relaxing. With soft music playing in the background, warm spot lights and everything, having waiters serve me my food, crossing my legs to read my book, I sure felt like a princess!

OOO..btw, the hot drinks at TCC are always accompanied with 2 tea cookies!

After a well-spent afternoon at TCC, I walked down to Candy Empire. Dar dar wasn’t here to bar me from stepping into candy empire today. Heeheehee. This time, I went in bcoz I wanted to buy sth for dar dar. But I also bought some stuff for myself too. I nv leave candy empire empty handed. Haha. Bought dar dar a packet of arnotts chocolate butter snap cookies while I got myself a box of Junior Mints and Reese Peanut Butter chocs.

The junior mints are addictive. Its just like eating After Eight Chocs except it’s a smaller version. I will always remember After Eight bcoz von brought it to sch once and everyone thought it was a pack of condoms. Haha. Don blame our stupidity, blame the packaging! Muahahaha

Saw a few other stuff, such as a bikini and shoes going for 10 percent off, which I might consider buying. Im an impulsive shopaholic becoz I don’t like to think too long and too hard about whether I should or should not get that item. Why not just buy it and get that heavy load off ur mind? Haha. No wonder I have so many bags of stuff which I have the intention of donating to charity. FYI, my clothes cupboard cant even close properly right now.

Dinner with my aunt at Ichiban Boshi, Suntec City Mall. After eating here, I don’t think I wana dine at Sakae. Their buffet lunch will still be considered though. Haha. Why do I prefer Ichiban Boshi over Sakae Sushi? 3 simple reasons.
1) The sushi taste fresher.
2) They have a wide variety of sushi. Sometimes the chef gets so creative the plate of sushi can actually pose as art.
3) The red plate items are much cheaper.
There you have it. Three simple reasons why you should check out Ichiban Boshi if you haven’t. Heard their redbean mochi’s are quite sellable too. I dint have the chance to try it that night as I was trying to get over my bulging stomach.

Basically, we ordered a tempura platter, chawamushi, and lots of raw stuff. From left to right – some ebi tingy, raw yellow tail fish, and raw octopus!

I seldom, or never eat raw stuff when dining at Jap Restaurants. My phobia towards cockles and oysters kinda made me discriminate raw food. But tonight, my aunt taught me how to eat quite a lot of them! Me daring to eat raw yellow tail fish is no doubt a great achievement. Haha. It wasn’t so bad. It was nice to chew on and well, at least it didn’t give off a raw fishy taste.

I enjoyed my dinner very much. Its not everyday I get to pig out with my aunt like that, what’s more, receive a dinner treat from her. =P Thanks beri veri much if ur reading this! =)

Im surprised I managed to stay awake during BS despite feasting on such a heavy meal. Hearing God’s word sure zaps your soul up down left right centre. =)

10pm. Bus’ed back to Home Sweet Home.

My entries on Peony-Jade, Bao-Today, and Marche will be up soon. Your patience will be greatly appreciated. =)

Don’t you think im so full of smileys today? Haha
10:36 PM

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