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Wednesday, April 11, 2007
Im so hungry! My stomach's growling and its extremely distracting. Especially when im webcasting right now. Argh..i feel so tempted to dial 62353535. Am even more tempted to go to chijmes for brekkie, which they serve all day. If not for my exams, i would have just gone to raffles city to queue up for donuts. I really miss my double chocolate donuts! Gawd im so hungry...I even have the urge to call tiramisutra.com to deliver me a baileys tiramisu cake right now.

Its really annoying to feel hungry yet know that there's nothing in the fridge and no one at home to go down and buy food for you. BOO~ Its even more annoying to know that you have 5 over packs of instant noodles in the kitchen cabinet but yet, am against eating it as they are super high in fat content. And the most annoying irritating thing is knowing that your cupboard has loads and loads of chocolates, cookies and chips but yet, have to resist temptations as you dont wana have to make urself run 10 rounds the running track. BOO~ I wan my glennans fat free apple chips! These are the only chips which i can eat without feeling guilty at all. =D

Dear's still in school. Right now, the whole of his house is mine as his dad went to Malaysia while his mom is at work.

Just to let you know, i ate like a mad pig yesterday.

Tried this new tau sa piah flavour which Tom's Palette was trying out. It isnt on sale yet as they're still experimenting with it. This tau sa piah flavour, its really good good GOOD! So good it instantly made me crave for tau sa piahs! Went to Vivo yesterday and bought 2! One salty and one sweet flavoured one. I personally prefer the salty version. Just like how i like salted egg yolks and salted popcorn. haha. The 2 tau sa piahs dint even manage to fill my stomach, so i bought a wasabe pork floss bun from breadtalk! I love their pork floss buns~ Yum. I was still hungry and wanted to buy donuts and sushi from Vinco and VivoMart respectively but the donuts dint look appetizing and Vivomart dint sell sushi.

Yes, that's how a mad pig eats. B4 that, me and dear had lunch at our favourite amoy street food centre. I had Lei Cha, which is a very healthy-light-appetizing-low fat meal. The ingredients include peanuts, ikan bilis, beancurd and a few different types of veggies. You can choose between brown rice or white rice, I usually go for brown rice as its healthier but of coz, you have to pay an additional $0.50 for it. A bowl of green tea soup is also served as well. By right, the right way to eat this is to pour the whole bowl of green tea into ric, mix well with the ingredients, and eat to your hearts content. But for me, i eat them seperately as i dont like my food to be overly soggy.

Dear had nasi lemak. Bought a bowl of beef ball soup to share.

Their beef balls are really yummy. Its bouncy, chewy, rubbery, juicy, firm, and handmade! For $3, you get 10 big beef balls! Its from the same stall i had my teochew beef kway teow from the last time. Go try it out if you're in the vicinity okie? They are from this stall, located at the ground floor.

Gawd..Im craving for apple strudel and Tom's Palette ice-cream now.

kkiez, back to webcasting!
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