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Wednesday, April 18, 2007
I hate sore throats. Please go away. Of all times to come, it had to come 1 week before my exams. I guess im exam sick. The same exact thing happened during last sem's exams as well. All but my table was cluttered with unnecessary-and-take-up space items like lozenges, tissue paper (in case my nose suddenly explodes) and a small water bottle.

My right arm is aching real bad. Try scooping ice-cream non-stop from 12 to 6pm and you'l know how the pain feels. And mind you, its not soft ice-cream, its solid as a rock ice-cream. haha. The chocolate fudge brownie was so hard we had to set up a counter, specially for 2 strong guys, to mend it. The sweet cream and cookies werent any better.

My wrist is hurting. I have blue blacks from my wrist up to my elbow and my knuckles are abit scratched. Hit my arm so many times on the dip case while scooping, hence the bruises. The upper part of my arm is super muscular right now. Honey says its slightly bigger than my left. haha. But what to do, i cant scoop with my left hand lest it fractures again. The muscles on my right arm is super hard as well. You can make out the lump when i strain it. Wonder women in the making eh. haha. The most affected area is the muscle located closest to my armpit. Sounds damn sick but ya, its super stiff down there. Basically, the whole arm feels heavy, heavy as a log!! My back aches too, my legs ache too, argh, my whole body+ throat is aching.

Great workout i must say. Perspired while scooping too. So if your ice-cream taste salty, you know why. haha Just Kidding~

Despite all the bruises and muscle aches, free cone day was certainly a damn enjoyable event. It was all about giving back to the community and seeing everybody's happy faces sure made us scoopies happy too! Bet you the bnj queue at raffles city is much longer than the queue over at Donut Factory's. The queue at cathay already started forming at 11.55am and it snaked all the way up to the third floor. It was pretty chaotic yet vibrant. TK got girls to scream out loud for ice-cream and we scoopies had to compete with them. There was even a balloon maker and cow mascot who's outfit looked damn obscene la. haha. Mediacorp people came down and we had to teach them to scoop. Very interesting. My throat is in this state also partly because we've been screaming our tonsils out at people to move down the queue but it always seems to fall on deaf ears. Imagine having to ask " Hi, what flavour would you like" for the whole 6 hours!! I think the number of times i asked that can easily exceed 500 la.

The bnj free cone day shirt is also damn cool la. Dry tech kiez. haha. Brought home 2 free pints too! I packed strawberry cheesecake and choclate fudge brownie for dar dar. =D Dono why also but i suddenly have a love for all things strawberry.

The vermonster in me has dieded. For these past few days, i've suddenly lost my appetite for food. My stomach doesnt even growl during meal times and thinking about what to eat next doesnt seem to excite me anymore. But fret not, my weird sudden cravings for food are still alive. Like how i crave for duck rice right now. And maybe, some new york cheesecake. =D
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