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Thursday, March 1, 2007
Woke up early to watch MS webcasts as i had a MS test tml. Was extremely hungry but dearie was still asleep and i wanted to have brekkie with him. =D When he finally woke up 2 hours later, we made peanut butter toast for breakfast! Used the water-bath concept to melt skippy's creamy peanut butter. It turned all liquid, the texture was smooth, and best of all, its warm! Think it would go really well with those waffles from bakeries.

The one i tried last year, at NUS's open house, was in fact one of the bestest bestest peanut butter waffles i've ever tried. The paper bag is like totally soaked in oil after a while. That's how melted the peanut butter is. Its so nice it made me fall in love with peanut butter. Last time it was in my top 5 major fat contributor list, now, i see it as a must-have with waffles/toast. =P

After that small meal, we went downstairs to have yong tau foo from the market. Long time since i last had yong tau foo. Had to stop lest i get the yong tau foo face. haha. After lunch, continued webcasting till 4.30pm. Felt really sick having to watch 4 lectures in one day. Just realised that i could actually watch TV from my lappy when i am in school. There's this thing called NUScast and its damn cool. Guess ive found something for my dearie to do when he attends FNA lects with me. =D

Bussed down to marine parade for dinner as it was still drizzling. Had the nice nice porridge from the Zhen Rong porridge stall as usual. But this time, the egg was mashed up and cooked till well-done with the porridge. I dont really mind acty but my dearie was disappointed as he prefered his egg yolk to be in-tact. So ma fan rite. hahaha. Dint order our strawberry soursop as well as the uncle who usually makes it for us wasnt there. My dearie's principle. See, so picky. =P

After that, bussed down to Mr bean's cafe again. Intended to study there till 3am while my dear is working.

Brought my fave wang wang xiao mantou snack along and used it to create this!

Was served lotsa free drinks too. Had a double chocolate mocha, iced chocolate, and kiwi with honey tingy.

Dint really like the honey kiwi as the kiwi was made of kiwi sugar syrup and i dont like artificial flavoured drinks. -bleahz- Eric gave me a scoop of choc ice-cream too. Shared it with my dear.

The choc ice-cream looked so naked and boring. So i topped it with my wang wang mini mantous! Not only looks better but it also taste better! Its like eating chocolate cookie crunch. Innovative huh. haha. Den around 1 plus in the morning, i started getting hungry. Was craving for some english breakfast. You noe, those with sausages, eggs, ham, baked beans toast etc. So the chef cooked this dono what name breakfast set for me. Consisted of sausages and scrambled eggs. Its really yummilicious.

The scrambled eggs are creamy and the sausages oh so juicy. =D Honey had a seafood aglio and i ate a few strands. Quite nice oso but i tot it was a little too oily for my liking.
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