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Sunday, March 4, 2007
Met up with dear at suntec for church. Bought a egg mayo ham bun and made a bottle of honey for my dear as i noe he dint have breakfast. =D Was 15 mins late and we ended up going for 3rd service instead becoz both the overflow rooms were full! So we took that time to go for lunch instead. Had the intention of dining at Marche but decided to budget abit, so settled for Old Airport Road instead.

Everyone says that when u visit Old Airport Road, its a must to try their wanton mee. Tried it a few times and i dont really see what's there to boast about. In fact, their service and attitude disgust me to such an extent that i vowed nv to eat their wanton mee ever again. So today, i had fried fish beehoon soup again!

falling in love with this dish. Its so simple, yet so nutritious and tasty. Recommended my dear to try the pasta from pasta manna. Tried their aglio olio some time back and it left a good impression on me. For $4, i must sae its really worth it. Dear ordered a seafood marinara which taste as good as it looks. Yum~

After that, bought some ondeh-ondeh and tapioca cake to try.

Not too bad but still cant be compared to the ones from chinatown. Had a soursop juice as well.

Sadly, my rojak stall was closed. It was becoz of this that i wanted to come to Old Airport Road. Nvm, better luck next time!

Dear rode to raffles city after that as i wanted to go to Bakerzin's. Bought 2 hazelnut macarons. Its like sponge on the outside and chewy on the inside. Nice, but $1.50 for 1 small piece is a tad too expensive.

Have longed thought about dining at Bakerzin but the day never seems to come! Am gonna make it point to lunch there someday and try their salmon linguinne tossed in cream suace and also their chocolate fondant cakes.

The donut craze still hasnt worn off. The queue was still as long as ever and i felt like telling them to just give up. Its not worth the wait. Only the dbl choc donuts make me wana come back for more. The rest are just normal. Vinco's one is not bad too. Almost similar to donut factory's and best of all, they have no queue!! Flavours are also different too. In fact, i was told that Central@Clarkequay has this shop, Marcial Kobe, which sells better tasting mini donuts! Better check it out now b4 the media gets to it and the queue starts all over again. hahaha.

After church, me and dear shopped around marina square. Dear bought me my necklace which i saw and liked at vivo 2 days ago but dint buy. Thanks! Muackz~
Walked around to see where we can have a light dinner as we have oredi booked a table for 2 at black angus. Wanted to eat mudpie and catch the cny fireworks. But we cancelled our reservation and settled for marina square's food court as we found a corner table, outside, which could give us a perfect view of the fireworks.

Shared a claypot chicken rice and herbal chicken soup for dinner.

Quite nice but the things here are abit pricey as compared to other foodcourts in shopping malls. Guess its coz this place is surrounded by hotels and tourist. Caught the fireworks at 8.55pm. So we practically camped and booked that table from 6.30pm till 9pm. Fireworks lasted 5-8mins. What can i sae but spectacular? We dint have to squeeze with the crowd, the whole 4 seater table was ours, no table or ppl were in front of us, the fireworks display was just right smack at our face. Sat next to each other, with legs resting on the opposite chair and just enjoyed the show. Pretty romantic huh. hahahahaha.

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