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Thursday, February 15, 2007
WooHoo~ Its the holidays! Yesterday's Valentine's Day seriously felt like a public holiday to me. Who cares about going for lectures and tutorials when everyone is simply soaked in the mood for love? NUS was like a ghost town yesterday but poor me had to go to school for an FNA presentation at 9am followed by a history essay test at 6pm in the evening. BoO~


Woke up at 4.45am to prepare a surprise for my dearest dearest honey. I’m quite surprised that I managed to drag myself out of bed in the wee hours of the morning just to whip up breakfast. Fried a sunny side up, 2 german pork bratwurst sausages and 3 pancakes + 1 bottle of Sunkist orange juice. =P

The pancakes were really hard to make. Made a total of 10 but only 4 turned out right. The rest were either out of shape, torn, or chao-tar. I had a stressful time cooking the sausages as the oil kept giving the cracking sound! Was so afraid my mom would hear them and scold me for dirtying her kitchen. Almost cried at the end of everything, not because I was tired, not because I felt like giving up after many failed pancake attempts but rather because I managed to cook a sunny side up successfully! This is my first time whipping up a meal and its also the first time I’m using oil to fry stuff! Gosh, guess I really need to spend more time in the kitchen. Heez. Left the house at 6.45am chop chop to deliver my home-cooked-made-with-a-tinge-of-love-and-tender-loving-kindness breakfast personally to my honey’s house.

Had a lunch date with mervyn yesterday. I changed my mind about meeting him at first as i busted my debit card on shopping just 2 days ago. But i felt a little bit guilty for "putting aeroplane" so changed my mind again and told him to come find me at biz. Chilled at ViVo City and had lunch at the Hong Kong Kim Gary Restaurant. I had spicy korean noodles with egg and shredded pork while mervyn ordered a fish baked rice with cheese set meal. The noodles is nicer than expected! Its springy and the soup, flavourful. The egg was nicely cooked and they were generous with their shredded pork servings too. $5.90. Mervyn's baked rice wasnt up to standard though. The melted cheese was good but sadly, the rice didnt absorb the cheese flavour and it was just like eating normal rice with a layer of cheese on top. Ordered a peanut butter with condensed milk THICK toast. I love the peanut butter! It oozes out from the bread, with condensed milk dripping at the sides, and the crust is crispy on the edges too! But it could have been better if they made the bread softer. Overall, $23.90 for our lunch + drinks was pretty reasonable, if not cheap. Will definitely come back for a second round of noodles and toast! Thanks for ur tank top and lunch treat! =D

Pictures are not with me, will upload them soon.
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