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Saturday, February 3, 2007
Woohoo~ I'm gonna get a make over today! haha Nah, im just gonna color my
hair and maybe cut a little. Gonna visit the hair salon that Amanda
recommended. The name of the salon is Substance, situated at Stamford Court.
They give 30% off to all students, only valid till June 2007 though, that's
what the student card says. Called up Chris and he said the cost of dying my
hair would be $224, the maximum price cause my hair is pretty long. But
after discount, it should cost about $160. That's a big discount kiez,
considering the fact that CNY is nearing. And thanks to my mom who decided
to sponsor me 150 bucks. heez.

Supposed to meet rin, sam, acey, malee and maymay for lunch n karaoke
session today but postponed it as i have no money. I only have 5 bucks in my
wallet and that's not even enough to cover the karaoke entree fee, much less
have lunch at NYDC. -bleahz- Most likely we shall meet up on the 16th of
Feb, Friday, for karaoke in the afternoon and dinner (consider it an early
reunion dinner among the 6 of us). Can all of you make it? Tag me ur
confirmation. =P

Don't think i'l be meeting my dear for lunch later. Abit rushing as i still
have 4 webcast to watch. Don't wana end up like last sem where i had 10 MNO
webcast to catch up with. The more you procrastinate, the more likely it
will pile up. Have been having lunch with dearie at Maxwell for the past 2
days. Shall resume back to amoy once i'm sick of maxwell. haha. On thurs, we
had the century egg lean meat porridge and a plate of yu sheng (Yes, i
learned how to eat raw fish and it taste pretty yummy) from the popular zhen
zhen porridge stall. Long queue but still cant be compared to the queue at
the Donut Factory. According to my aunt, she said the queue for donuts last
night was still ridiculously LONG. Guess the craze for donuts won die so
soon. Then on Friday, i ate one of the most sinful thing on planet Earth.
Something which i vowed never to eat ever since my diet regime started 1
year ago. And its none other than, CHICKEN RICE! Ate the chicken rice from
the famous tian tian chicken rice stall. Queued for abt 20 mins maybe.
Ordered a plate of green veggies as well.

While my honey was queueing, i went to scout for my fave pancakes from Pan
Cake. Bought 1 red bean pancake for 50 cents. Uncle was nice as he asked me
whether i wanted the end part , which was the biggest and crispiest part of
the pancake. =D Bought a cup of strawberry soursop juice too. Tasted like
green apple juice to me. Still, the one at marine parade hawker centre is
still the best.

After lunch, we decided to go for ice-cream desserts! Honey rode to The
Daily Scoop located at Sunset Way, Clementi Arcade. Given my good sense of
direction, we didnt have any trouble locating the place at all. =P

But i must admit, the shop's location is really ulu. The area is pretty
quiet as its far away from the main road and HDB neighbourhood, What
surrounds this place is just private homes. Really, its a great place to
chill and relax ur mind from a hard day's work. Had a hazelnut krunch
flavoured ice-cream while honey had an ice-mocha. See the chocolate
surrounding the glass? Makes me wana lick it up. haha. They have other
itneresting flavours like lychee martini, peanut butter, kahlua, and
baileys! Sampled the lychee martini but it wasnt to my liking. Wanted the
baileys flavoured one but they only sell it in pints.

Am craving for crabs. Especially after talking about crabs with James for
the whole afternoon yesterday. We've decided to organise a dinner gathering
for all 4e1 ppl. He's the organizer while im just the helpful assistant.
Have booked a table for 10 at No Signboard Seafood at the Esplanade for
dinner at 7.30pm. Called up many outlets and this one seems to offer a
slightly cheaper and more reasonable price range for their crabs and other
dishes on the menu. But be ready to fork out about 10 to 20 bucks per person
okie? =D
11:52 AM

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