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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Honey waited for me outside LT 11 whilst i was having my test. Took a bus down to Holland Village as my honey's bike was still under repair. Reached Fosters' at around 8.10pm. They had a valentine's day special set dinner (soup, drink and main course) which cost $58+++++++++ but dint order it as they dint have what we wanted in their main course. Ordered 2 fillet steaks, 1 plate calamari rings and a bowl of wild mushroom soup, all from their alacart menu.

The setting at fosters' was pretty romantic. With dim lighting, candles, lovey dovey love songs, rose petals and their menu design was quite impressive too. In fact, those love songs were sung live by a guy. More like a solo performance, with just him and his classical guitar. Nice.

The food was not too bad. Prices were abit on the high side though. The wild mushroom soup came in a really huge huge bowl. See the picture and you'l get what i mean.

The soup dint taste as good as the last time i went but, it was still good. haha. Definitely not some campbell cream of mushroom soup. =P Calamari rings were pretty tasty too!

The squid inside was chewy and the outer layer fried till golden crisp perfection. Then came our fillet steak!It was medium cooked and came served with some veggies, carrots and baked potato topped with sour cream and bacon bits.

The fillet steak was not too bad. I especially like the end and base part of the steak! Leaves a buttery, juicy after taste. I like! Free bread was also given. Nothing fascinating about this free bread. The crust was crispy though and the butter was of premium quality. Nice.

After dinner, thought of going to Black Angus at One Fullerton for dessert. They serve my favourite favourite skyhigh mudpie! But changed my mind and decided to chill out at The Loof instead. Accepted a kiss-for-10-seconds challenge and earned ourselves each a free white chocolate martini drink.

See the chocolate lining the rim of the glass? YUM~ Ordered a frozen mango margarita as well. Will certainly be back here soon for another chill-out session. This time, we’re gonna go for the superman cubicle! =P

After that, went to my dear’s house to chill, again. Once a chillster always a chillster.

Honey opened his Below 42 Vodka bottle and used cranberry juice and sprite as mixers. Shared a bailey’s tiramisu cake which my honey bought specially for me from Tiramisutra.com. It was quite small but wasn’t as small as I expected it to be. You want small? Den its gotta be the R21/M18/NC16 sex-rated cakes from Bakerzin.
The cake from tiramisutra.com was very well done. It had a strong baileys taste which blended very well with tiramisu. Definitely value for money. Delivery is free as well. Check this out: www.tiramisutra.com

* See The words on the box! haha *

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