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Saturday, February 10, 2007
My poor honey got into an accident just yesterday. He was about to
pick me up and drive me to school for tutorial when his biked crashed
into the back of a van. The result? A smashed bike and 2 bleeding
toes. Poor thing. Apparently, it was the van driver's fault and so, he
was responsible enough to foot the bike repair bills. Too bad I cant
claim my cab fare of 20 bucks from him. –bleahz-

My traumatized honey was left stranded at my grandma's place for 3
hours while waiting for me to get back from school. Could tell he was
a little taken aback from the incident as he seemed abit disoriented?
Haha. Bought him a Rich Chocolate Madness brownie and a hazelnut
cookie specially for him from Café Melvados. Almost sprained my leg
whilst climbing the over-head bridge okie! Haha. Hope ur 2 most fave,
chocolate and hazelnut served its purpose of cheering you up. =D

Went to school early this morning for Econs test. It wasn't very good
as I dint study for it at all. Didn't even manage to complete my past
tutorials and of coz, webcasting. Haiz, im so screwed for this

Met up with my honey at Bugis after that. Headed to town as I really
didn't know where to go. Guess the sweltering heat has fried up all my
brain cells. Had high tea at Toast. Its situated in a quiet corner at
Taka Level 2. Ordered 2 cupcakes and a bottle of sparkling lemon
juice. One is named after my honey, Elvis Peanut Butter Cupcake and
the other one is some Nutella Chocolate Cupcake.

They had another one decorated with small colorful condiments which made the cupcake look very pretty! Just buy 4 of this and give it to any girl and she's sure to give you a BIG BIG smile. But don't bother buying it for me cause this cupcake contains COCONUT and you noe how much I hate COCONUT.

Walked around the CNY fair at taka basement. Bought a box of muah chee with extra peanut topping from there as well. Its been a very looong time since I last ate muah chee. Had a craving for it ever since 1 week ago, when my aunt told me about the nice muah chees from Funan Centre. After that, went to check out the donuts from PopDough and I saw something which caught my attention. ROYCE! Yes! Royce Chocolates! Bought a box of Royce Nama Champagne chocolates using my 10 bucks taka voucher. Its now in my honey's fridge. Dint wana bring it home lest my brother finishes it up for me. Shall savour the smooth creamy Japanese Royce chocolates with my honey on V-day over some white chocolate martini from The Loof. Chocolate and martini, what a perfect combination. =D

After that, took a bus down to Chinatown as I felt like eating the special tofu from the Dim Sum stall in Maxwell. As it was still too early for dinner, me and honey checked out the flea market along temple street. Bought a double scooped gelato ice-cream too. There's even a stall that sells chocolate fondue! See that big chocolate fountain?

Yum~ Am gonna buy one of these for my future home next time. Den I shall invite all of you over for some champagne/wine + chocolate bash.

Went to coffee bean after that to rest my aching feet. Weather is so damn HOT I tell you even aircon cant help cool me down. Dint have dinner in the end as we were a little full. Heard that? It's the first time I ever mentioned the word FULL. Yes, the vermonster finally feels FULL. Thank God.

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