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Wednesday, February 21, 2007
Happy Chinese New Year to one and all! Gong Xi Fa Cai, Wang Shi Ru Yi, Nian Nian You Yu, Shun Shun Li Li, Ji Xiang Ru Yi, Shen Ti Jian Kang, Xue Ye Jing Bu and errr.. think that’s all I know. haha
Whatever it is, may you PROSPER and be in HEALTH. May this year be filled with a triple dosage of FUN, JOY, LAUGHTER and PEACE. Since it’s the year of the PIG, may God fill your mouths and stomachs with more than enough FOOD. If I cant be slim, then God please make my friends fatter. As the Chinese saying goes, chi(1) shi(4) fu(2). Haha. May you become handsomer/prettier by a thousand times and may you find FAVOUR in your relationships – be it with your family, friends, or your special other half. All in all, may God bless you with a blessed prosperous Chinese New Year. =D


I stayed home the whole day. Spent the whole afternoon doing my tutorials. Had reunion steamboat dinner with my family. Got really bored after a while and was really tempted to go to Chinatown but still chose not to go despite much persuation from many of my frenz. Not bcoz my butt just wouldn’t budge but rather bcoz I hate CROWDS. The weather was pretty humid and I tend to get “bitch fits” when my body gets over-heated. Haha My honey should noe what I mean. =P

CNY Day 1

Visited my aunt (Father’s side) first thing in the morning. My cousin and her family dropped by as well. In fact, we only see each other on this very day for about an hour or so. Dint really chat much with her. Not bcoz we’re enemies but partly bcoz we just don’t have a common topic.
Went to my grandma’s house after dat. Munched on LOTS of cny goodies. I like cookies that have a buttery taste, like those almond/butter cookies from Marks’ & Spencers. My grandma made cheng teng and I drank 3 huge bowls of it. Felt so full and apologized to my mom that I have to forgo the fried rice she cooked specially for me in the morning. But I ate quite a big bowl of her porridge with scallops, chicken, peanuts, and century egg for brekkie.
At around 3.30pm, dad drove me and mom to the indoor stadium for church. Honey was super early and so I got him to reserve 4 seats for me, my mom and dad and himself as we were stuck in a major traffie jam. The cny service was pretty good. Pastor Mark was hilarious, laughed till my jaws hurt. –bleahz- Service ended at 7pm. Dad volunteered to drive both me and my dearie back to his house for cny reunion dinner. Bai nian to his mom and dad and received a BIG BIG ang pao. Hahaha. Its just ten bucks less than what my parents gave me you noe. Hurhur. Chilled till 10.15pm b4 dad came to pick me up.

CNY Day 2

Honey booked me on this day to go visiting with his family. Went to his aunt’s house at St George’s to bai nian not only to his aunt, but to all his other relatives who came in the evening. There were about 25 ppl or more squeezed inside a 3 room flat apartment. Amazing.
B4 that, I met up with my dearie first to have lunch together. Was planning to stick to my diet regime and have sandwiches/salad for lunch but as cedele dint serve Caesar salad and as I was too hungry oredi to walk to Millenia for sandwich from either the Irish sandwich cafÈ ( their sandwiches are nice!) or Simply Bread, we decided to just take a train down to town and have cheese baked rice from Central, a hong kong cafÈ. Screw the diet. Haha.
But sadly, taka was closed and so we settled for Spagheddies at Paragon. Ordered a Caesar salad, a seafood platter called primo combo consisting of soft shell crabs, calamari rings and mozerella cheese sticks, a plate of Italian meatball pasta tossed in tomato sauce (their meatballs are extremely huge, 5 times bigger than ur eyeballs) and last but not least, a design-your-own CHEESE pizza! It was a plain cheese pizza and you could have add-ons for just 2 bucks. We chose Italian sausage, pineapples and ham and I told the waiter to tell the chef to put extra cheese and he did! The pizza was very good!! I personally think its better than pizza hut’s. The crust is thin and crispy, the cheese is very stretchy and you can see it melting on the surface! Yum! Im gonna come back again for pizza, that’s for sure. =D

Bill amounted to 51 bucks for 2 pax. Considering the amount of food we ate, I think it’s a pretty reasonable if not quite cheap pricing coz I expected 60 and above.

My dearie almost couldn’t walk after that. Haha! So we cabbed down to his aunt’s place. Gave our stomach 4 hours to rest and digest the food b4 starting on buffet dinner. Dint really eat much, just had lots of brocolli (my fave!), abit of bee hoon, tofu, meat, dessert, etc etc, etc. Den after their gambling session ended at 10pm, me and my honey took a bus down to The Loof and chilled there for an hour b4 I cabbed back home. Ordered 2 drinks – lychee martini and some other drink containing below 42 vodka, lime etc.

Not bad. In fact, when it rains, they have a 1-for-1 promo and their drinks menu has instructions which teaches you how to use it as a make-shift roof shelter to fend urself from bird droppings and rain drops. Haha. Damn cute.

CNY day 3

Met my honey at his house downstairs at 12.30pm. Wanted to have pork ribs prawn mee from onan road for lunch but it was closed! So we had porridge from marine parade as usual. Walked around parkway parade b4 heading to siglap to have high tea at The Cheesecake CafÈ. But, again, it was CLOSED. Decided to go to Canele, The Patissierie for some chocolate cakes. Ordered a chocolate gateau (one down from my list of top 10 chocolate desserts in Sg) and some other cake which tasted like Ferrero Roche!

* Ying Yang haha *

*Chocolate Gateau*

The chocolate gateau is basically a flourless sponge cake with dark chocolate layers in between. You can taste 2 different types of chocolates when you let it melt slowly in your mouth. FYI, it takes 20 hours just to bake this.

The other cake was exceptionally good too. The outer crust is like eating the outer crust of a roche and the inside, simply heavenly. Contains hazelnut praline, almond nougout tingy and dark chocolate of coz. Simply irresistible. Honey ordered an iced mocha but dono y the drink tasted sour so we had it changed to an iced latte, which came with a cup of sugar water. The latte was nice. Im not a coffee drinker so if I sae its nice you gotta believe me. Haha.

The canele is certainly a nice chill-out spot, with the window by ur side overlooking the orchard road streets just down below. Shall visit the main outlet at Robertson Walk some day.. some day..hmmmm

After our high-tea session, we shopped around Heerens and cineleisure. My honey bought a pair of flip flops and he bought me a white heart shaped mini pouch from four skins! Saw it when I first entered the shop and fell in love with it right away. Got twenty percent discount too. =P Den I got a pair of flip flops from Hula and Co too.

Had dinner at my Grandma’s place. She cooked one of her specialty – lontong. Honey added lots and lots of chili and it makes my grandma very happy to see someone eating lots of her chili made with a secret recipe. Haha. We lao’ed 2 yu shengs as well. My aunt and uncle just got back from KL and bought 2 boxes of yu sheng from some hotel in KL. One is some pear yu sheng (vegetarian) and surprisingly the pear goes really well with the other ingredients. The other yu sheng had a much nicer taste though, maybe coz its more traditional. There was also pigs’ trotters with vinegar which my aunt jo cooked. It wasn’t as sour as how my honey described it to be but I still dint like it. Haha. I only ate the egg. =P

Honey felt so full and couldn’t walk again. Haha. He says its my fault. Haha. But in life, we all have the freedom to make choices. One can choose to gobble up all the food or one can also choose to say NO. See.. its not my fault. =PPP
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