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Thursday, February 8, 2007
Got to eat my Puteri Mas durian puffs from Joo Chiat yesterday. Its really awfully goooood! Minimum order was 20 puffs for $9.90 but 20 seemed a little too much so the lady allowed us to buy 10 instead provided we ate there.

Bought a box of durian crepes to try as well. This one cost 7 bucks for 4 crepes. The crepes were uber good as well. The crepe skin was soft and chewy, it tears easily with each bite and the durian filling practically exceeds the thickness of the crepe skin. This is what I call value for money. T

he durian filling in both crepes and puffs are of good quality durians, not like those low grade durian paste which most bakeries use as a cheaper alternative/substitue. And 50 cents for 1 puff and $1.75 for a durian crepe is pretty reasonable considering the fact that durians aint cheap. Consumed so much durians for the day that each burp smelt of durians. Eew.. haha.

Reached my gm house at around 4.30pm. Ate a mouthful of kim hock guan ba kwa. Not badd but seriously I cant tell the diff btw very good ba kwa, good ba kwa and average ba kwa. Don’t they all taste the same? Think the lousy ones are those that get stuck at the ends of ur teeth. Irritating huh.
Had my grandma’s home cooked food for dinner. She cooked fish, veggies, black sauce chicken + taupok and lots and lots of EGGS! There were quails eggs (my fave), hard boiled eggs and fried eggs! Eat eggs FAT. Egg yolks are high in cholestrol and this is a type of steroid which is categorized under FATS aka LIPIDS. Haha. I seem to only remember the word lipids(fat) after all my 6 yrs of studying chemistry in sec sch and JC.

-fast forward-

Met my dear at Café Melvados for brunch after my stats lect. Its located along bukit timah road at King’s Arcade. Waited 20 mins for my honey as I got there earlier than expected. Sat at a cosy corner and did my tutorials obediently. The staff working there kept asking me whether I wanted to order anything but I told them I was waiting for SOMEONE and to think that this SOMEONE was actually their friend. Haha. This SOMEONE is none other than my chubby honey.
Ordered a hot plate sizzling brownie which I’ve been dying to try since 1 month ago? Ordered a drink which has a very funny name, momisu, haha, to go along.

Its basically iced-mocha with chocolate and tiramisu topped with whipped cream. Its really good. The coffee, tiramisu and chocolate were evenly mixed and for a price of $5.30, I think its really worth it. My dear thinks its better than TCC. Haha

Up next came our hotplate sizzling brownie!! At first when the lady brought over the brownie I was wondering how come it wasn’t sizzling but when she scooped the vanilla ice-cream onto the hotplate, everything just went POP POP POP! Bubbles exploding everywhere! The smell of burnt melting hersheys chocolate syrup wafting through our nostrils! OMGggGG! The brownie is made of thick rich chocolate and topped with white and black mini Hershey kisses. Each bite is just so tantalizing, This is a die-die-must-try-or-else-live-to-regret dessert. Enjoyed a 10% discount too as the guy working there was my dear’s friend. =D Guess this is gonna be another one of my hot chill out spots.

After that, we intended to head down to Bugis Pasta Mania for a proper lunch, since students were entitled a 30% discount from 2 to 5pm. Thought of having pizza and baked rice but after that changed our minds and went to marine parade instead. As usual, we ordered a bowl of century egg minced meat porridge + 1 egg (like we’ve not had enuf eggs haha) to share and also, the No. 1 best tasting strawberry soursop juice in Singapore.

Surprisingly, the uncle still rmbs my honey and he was so nice to acty serve us the drink coz usually its self-service. After lunch, took bus 15 home by myself as my honey had to work in the evening, so I shall be nice and let him go back and rest. Heehee. Guess I wont be seeing him for the next 5-6 days due to busy schedules and work load. But then again, I don’t see the need to fret as absence makes the heart grow fonder!

I noticed something. Most of the things I ate on wed had to do with the word “Ba” haha. BA chor mee from hong lim, BA zhang , and BA kwa! OMG.
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